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What factors are affecting the ball mill main bearing temperature?

Ball mill Lord bearing high temperature is a common phenomenon, bentonite pellet vertical mill requires the user to cool down in a timely manner.In the process of the use of the ball mill, what are the factors affect the temperature of the main bearing?
1. Friction heat
Hollow shaft and bearing relative rotation, the friction heat production, strict, bentonite powder making machine the oil film between the two by the heat resulting from the shear, is bearing temperature increases, the value is relatively small.
2. Grinding medium crushing material produced when heat
When running mill, grinding material work accounts for only a small part of the total energy consumption, and most of the energy is transformed into heat and sound energy, therefore, material in get a lot of heat, flows through the hollow axis or slip ring, heat is passed to the bearing shell, can make the main bearing bushing temperature rise substantially, bearing shell temperature can reach 70 ~ 70 ℃ or higher.
3. Grinding machine type
Due to the mill type is different, the impact on the bearing temperature rise is different.Wet grinding materials in the slurry, grinding temperature is not high, the material of the main bearing the lowest greenhouse, cement mill discharge of main bearing tile is the highest;Dry raw materials mill wind swept coal mill to feed at the same time also painful hot air, if use preheater waste gas drying of material, inlet air temperature of 350 ℃;If use auxiliary stove, feed gas temperature can reach 450 ℃, the feed temperature of main bearing is the grinding machine.
4. Grinding machine structure
Mill inlet and discharge screw cylinder (cone) and the hollow shaft is equipped with thermal insulation layer between, in order to reduce the material of heat is passed on to the hollow shaft and bush.Some mill heat insulation layer is very thin, and some mill insulating layer is relatively thick.For cement mill discharging main bearing, hope to have the thickness of insulation layer to block the transfer of heat.
5. Ambient temperature by grinding machine
Mill ambient temperature also affect the temperature of the bearing shell, season, bentonite powder making machine geographical location, for example, even to the degree of ventilation, the workshop will affect the bearing shell temperature.
6. Main bearing cooling water temperature and cooling water
Grinding machine Lord bearing water includes two aspects, one is main shaft tile in the water, the second is the main bearing thin oil terminal water cooler water.The water temperature of cooling water meter of water on temperature influence is bigger, especially the water temperature.Because water is different, some plants in the river or lake, some plants with groundwater, so the water temperature of the cooling water is distinct.The water temperature is also influenced by season.
7. Peripheral thin oil terminal
Grinding machine Lord bearing thin oil terminal has two effects.A quantity of oil required for the supply to establish dynamic pressure oil film;2 it is to take away the excess heat and cool the bearing shell.Usually, the main bearing formation pressure of oil film of oil around 6 ~ 10 l/min;25 l/min is commonly used in our country, some even use the 45 l/min, it contains away heat required amount of lubricating oil.
Through the above analysis, we know there are many factors affect ball mill bearing temperature, ZENITH announce you to pay more attention to any one aspect.

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