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As a child growing, I had many questions...
As a young man, I had many more questions...
As a father of my children, I had to find and answer many questions...
As a grandfather of my children's, children, I had to grow in true understanding and knowledge of life and purpose and direction of my path and yes, I had to answer many, many more questions...
As a man-child here on our Mother Earth, and as a leader and teacher of others, so too do I still ask many questions, and the only thing that has changed over my lifetime as to answers is in the way in which the answers my younger years, the answers came as blessings in my prayers and in deeds allowed me through others that shared my path at that time and place...
Now in my older/elder years...the answers come as they have always and should, I have only opened my spirit, mind and body to allow true understanding to flow as the waters of our Mother Earth, I can now accept what is true and natural and I can see what many cannot, not that they don't have the ability, but they have no desire to see past what is solid and just in front of them, I light my fire...sit, pray, listen, share, gain in true understanding and as time moves forward so too does my desire to move and grow with it, so as age may slow my earth-body, age allows me wisdom and the understanding that as time has passed, so too have my knowledge grown and as it has grown, so has my ability to share, lead, teach others as well as to continue my personal growth and true service to All Things...

I hope this is understood and taken for which it was allowed me to understand and to grow from and with, may the words flow as the waters and may all that read this find only comfort and truth and wisdom and understanding and may as we continue our journey forward we all walk the same path as one in the same and always be thankful for All Things...Wado, Joseph/EagleBear



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