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Som de Lune Brief


Uncomplicatedly i'm an artist, art teacher, the owner of Smoodtai School of Art in Bangkok, i'm book and magazine article writer about art education, alternative education in Thailand, holistic health, Eastern wisdom, and poetry. I teach Yoga, Taichi-Qigong occasionally.



som's recent works






"..drooping down for all unpreparedness.."

summer oil colored days , April 2009

70 x 90 cm.





"Unsunderable serendipity"

winter oil 2008






a part of recent oil-pondering .. nov 08






(Oil on 80x60cm can.vast)





"Fly them to the Soon"

(see the wandering procedure on my blog above)





17 Feb: A commemorational power-wow

18 Feb: Two reticent articulators

19 Feb: Downside up rendering





14 Feb: Chin-Chin

15 Feb: Moon-eater fishbirds

16 Feb: Unanti-centripetal resistors.





10feb,Oilfire on canvassing..poll en snif fers..

11feb..i was still there by my ease-l










My wings are growing and so my roots are deepening,

how could i fly and still my stance

if i'm both winged and rooted ?

(i asked)

Stand and then fly,

near both the earth and the heavens,

not in one or the other and not in between either.

said Thunderbird)

Unright-handed announcer

My left hand deftly told heart stream,

but right hand rarely gave her an auspice.


















Just was oiling grinding

stroking few minutes ago. i

lost my awareness while

looking deep into the orange

mirror in front of me.

Supposed to call it "self

portrait" at the moment.











The "i" who drew this line

was wandering around,

the space where she has been roaming in,

no a sensation allowed to invade through.



* * *



Sometimes i say to a poem

"Not now, can't you see i am bathing !"

but the poem usually doesn't care and quips,

Sometimes i say to a poem

"i don't have the strength to writing out


And the poem will often respond

by climbing onto a barroom table,

then lifts its skirt, winks,

Causing the whole sky to fall.



- Hafiz, Persian Sufi Poet








Some of my inner linguistic etchings











My Grandmama's 100 ys-o Singer



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Thanks for offering us a "nice walk" in your inner landscape which is very beautiful

Love and Peace for you and all Beings


Quote of the moment:


* * *

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