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Chapter 9, Verse 29

"I look upon all creatures equally,
But those who bring me into their hearts
Realize that they are a part of me,
And I come to life in them.

Sri Aurobindo:

It is an all-encompassing adoration that makes the indwelling presence of God in humanity a conscious thing, an engrossing union.  An intense love of the highest and a total self-surrender are the straight and swift way to the divine oneness.

Sri Krishna Prem:

No special privileges are to be found on this path.  Those who seem to climb with glorious ease today are reaping the fruits of arduous struggles in the past, while those whose breath comes hard upon the mountain path may know for certain that, if they but persist, the time will come when they, too, will gain the mastery.

The way to Krishna is to give the self to him in service.  By your own efforts, you climb the path, but always Krishna stands within you, beckoning.  You climb sometimes in weary aloneness, but this loneliness is an illusion, for there, unseen and closer to you than your breath itself, stands your Eternal Friend and Inmost Self.  Nothing obstructs you except the veil of egoism which you yourself have woven and which is thinned by each unselfish act of giving.

Srila Prabhupada:

Anyone in the world may have a charitable disposition, and yet there will be a special interest in their own children.  For Krishna, every living entity is his child.  He is like a cloud which pours rain all over, regardless of whether it falls on rock, earth, or water.  However, to his disciples he gives extra attention.  There is a special, transcendental reciprocation in their relationship.

When a diamond is set in a golden ring, it looks very nice.  The gold is glorified, as is the diamond.  Krishna and his disciples glitter eternally.  When people become inclined to the service of Krishna, they take on the luster of gold.

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