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Chapter 9, Verse 34

"Think of me constantly,
Fill your heart with my presence,
Become steady on your path,
And you will come unto me."

Sri Aurobindo:

Love of the world, the mask, changes into the love of Krishna, the truth.  Once this secret of the Self is known and embraced, your whole being and your whole life will be uplifted.  In place of the ignorance of the egoic nature absorbed in its own outward works and appearances, your eye will open to the vision of Krishna everywhere, and to the unity and universality of Spirit.  Your weakness and error will be transformed into the all-embracing strength, truth, and purity of the stainless Krishna.

To make your mind one with the Divine Consciousness, to make the whole of your emotional nature one love of Krishna everywhere, to make all of your works one offering to the Self, and all your worship and aspiration one adoration of him: this is the way to rise out of the mundane into the Divine Existence.  This is Krishna's teaching of divine love and devotion, in which knowledge, works, and the heart's longing become one in an intertwining of all their threads.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Thus does Krishna, in the final verse of chapter nine, summarize the resolution of the mystery of transcendence and immanence of Spirit.  Through the divine science of Yoga, the Yogi unites with transcendent Spirit, beyond the dreams of manifestation, while also remaining immanent and active with Spirit in the cosmic dream drama.

In Yoga meditation, O Bhakta, fix your mind unwaveringly on God.  With devotion, surrender to him the ego consciousness and all of its dream delusions.  In the inner rite of true worship, offer the little self into the Self in the sacred fire of divine communion with Spirit.

Look solely to him who is the Lord of all, for he is the consummation of the rainbow-chases of birth after birth.  In him, all motley-hued desires merge into the one splendor of divine joy in which the soul becomes ever diademed with Spirit.  The Self-realized Yogi is a prince of peace on the throne of poise directing his kingdom of activity, wholly devoted to God in heart and mind, and offering to him the fruits of all actions.                              .                                   .          

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