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Do Faeroese Dolphin Killers Lack the Cognitive Ability to Understand the Very Real Consequences of their Brutal Activities.

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

Are the Whale killers of the Faroe Islands simply Barbarians or is there a reason for their annual bloody massacres of entire pods of pilot whales and dolphins?

Their barbaric Viking heritage aside, there may be a valid medical reason for their vicious psychopathic behavior.

Despite warnings from Faeroese and Danish doctors, many Faroese continue to eat cetacean meat containing extremely high levels of methyl-mercury and persistent organic pollutants (PCPs).

The doctors have stated publicly that these contaminants can affect people’s intellectual and neurological development and weaken their immune Systems.

This mercury-laced meat has been shown in a major study by Faroese doctor Dr Pal Weihi to impair cognitive function and to increase their risk of Parkinson’s disease.

The Faeroese who have spent years consuming tainted meat containing heavy metals simply may not have the cognitive ability to comprehend the consequences.

I’m not saying they are stupid. They may simply be incapable of associating the eating of cetacean meat with the health consequences.

They may also suffer from the inability to experience empathy or to even understand why outsiders feel empathy for pilot whales and dolphins.

Danish health officials have also been negligent. It is illegal to allow the consumption of beef, pork or chicken containing heavy metals yet for some reason dolphin meat is exempt.

Additionally Denmark has ruled that kosher and halal meat is unlawful because of the inhumane treatment the animals are subject to well being slaughtered. Yet once again the killing of dolphins is exempted from humane considerations. The Danes are saying that inhumane killing by Muslims and Jews is not acceptable BUT inhumane killing by the Faeroese is traditional and thus acceptable. The decision by Denmark may have really been motivated by Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. As a person whose Grandfather was Danish and born in Copenhagen I would like to think that the ban on halel and kosher was sincerely motivated by compassion but the very fact that the inhumane slaughter in the Faroes continues, smacks of hypocrisy and a double standard.

Shakespeare was right, there is definitely something rotten in Denmark.

Click link below to read the documentation :

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