Peace for the Soul

A common space for harmonic peacemakers

They come to our decks for many reasons,

Some with wild sparkles of passions,

Others for reasons of their own.

Most are able to weather the seasons

Without complaints for vegan rations

While a few fester, snivel, whine and moan.


They come from afar, from around the world,

From all walks of life they arrive

To serve a cause larger than themselves,

Under a black flag unfurled,

So that life in the sea may survive,

In the deep, and on continental shelves.


It’s dangerous, dirty and hard long work,

Enduring the cold and the heat,

Sea-sickness, home-sickness and fear,

The lazy shirk and the sarcastic smirk,

Par for the course for any fleet,

Yet strong by the grace of each loyal volunteer.


It is hard for some to cruise into the void,

To venture into the unknown,

Taking risks without personal gain,

Some are ecstatic, while others are annoyed,

Many will laugh, a few will groan,

But always there is some loathing and distain.


It is always something I always say,

If not something, it’s something else,

But in truth it is always something.

Some days are dark, some days are grey,

Some hearts are hard, some hearts melt,

Sometimes we cry, sometimes we sing.


I do not mind the betrayals and deceits

I expect the anger and rebukes,

I expect the self-servers.

There are those who cannot stomach defeats,

There are those who are easily spooked,

And cowards content to be observers.


I want sailors who will stand firm and fast,

I want crew who will not back down,

I want crew that are loyal to the cause,

Crew that while challenging hell, remaining steadfast,

Crew that smile at risk and never frown,

To uphold and defend nature’s laws.


Within the great aquatic arena, we fight,

Whalers, sealers, poachers, the ecologically insane

We do so, so that the future might live.

For we shall never go quietly into the night,

Nor shall we surrender to the profane,

To the Ocean we give all that we can give.


Our enemies occupy the vast shroud of the sea,

But a few stand upon our own decks

The betrayers, the thieves and the craven,

When I can, I place them on the Quay

Our passion they will not annex,

And the future will not grant them safe haven.


Sour apples will spoil the barrel for all

Jealousies will imperil our sacred crusade,

Greed will undermine the strength of our keel,

Anger will strengthen the winds of the squall,

For only the weak surrender when afraid.

They must be ignored or we shall never heal.


We have overcome the barricades

We have launched a movement of hope,

Decades of endurance have cleared the way,

No more games, no more charades,

There is nothing for which we cannot cope,

Because the negative have had their day.



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I hope there's a place for me on-board a ship when the time comes! I can't think of any greater gift to the planet than protecting it's inhabitants.

yes, and Sea Shepherds stand tall in spirit and firm in conviction.  We salute these warriors of the sea... 


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