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— the rise of civilizations, politics, money, economics, technology— is a story of separation, division, ignorance and compartmentalization. Not recognizing the immeasurable value and sacredness of Nature is the root cause of many problems humanity is facing now.

Thinking money and material things are more "valuable" than LIFE has blinded us. Understanding how we are deeply connected to Mother Earth (and each other) is our only way home, our path back to wholeness and sanity.

In the story of Adam and Eve, humans lived in paradise, one with God and Nature, until they ate from the tree of "knowledge." Knowledge of good and evil, thinking humans are separate from Nature, that spiritual "reality" is something separate from our everyday existence.

Indigenous cultures don’t compartmentalize the Universe this way, they understand how the spiritual and physical are connected, how humans are a part of Nature. This is the deeper "truth" represented in the Garden of Eden mythology.

Seeing themselves as separate from other people and animals led to beliefs of superiority. This is the beginning of civilization's rise, to the dominance of patriarchy, nationalism, wealth, privilege, violence, technology and militarism.

So here we are now, where economics has become the new global religion. Where we are trained and brainwashed to serve the new gods of money. Where Nature (our Mother) is seen as a resource to plunder, enslave, destroy and turn into dollars. Where billionaires are the new high priests, held up as role models, voices of wisdom we are taught to look up to and worship. Where corporations are given more power than people. Where insanity is presented as normal, with everything and everyone raised from childhood to serve the economic machine.

Most of the problems we struggle with are rooted in an economically obsessed culture of wealth and privilege that perpetuates compartmentalization and psychotic disconnection. We have lost touch with each other, with Nature, with the indigenous wisdom of our ancestors, a deep spiritual awareness of the unity, beauty and interconnection of everything.

The indigenous understanding of the sacredness of life and nature that Eden represented has been suppressed and denigrated. Paradise was never lost, it has just been ignored, enslaved, bought and sold for economic profit.

Thinking value and meaning can be measured in money is the GREAT LIE, the serpent in the garden of our minds. We have become blind to what really matters, to the immeasurable worth and sacred value of everything.

~ Christopher Chase

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