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Israeli am Strand mit Wasserpfeife. Quelle: reuters

Source Reuters

Many Israelis can be driven by their military service on the beach in Goa.


Middle East


Goa instead of Gaza


If Israel's soldiers freak out


They follow orders, obey work must. The time in the Israeli army for most of the soldiers an extreme experience. In a state whose borders and fought constantly called into question, the war is everywhere. And so the soldiers often find themselves in combat forces are embroiled in battles and attacks.


If the service over, they want only one thing: forget the drill and the often traumatic memories of the conflict in their homeland. They pack their bags and finance with its final Sold a few carefree months away from home. A whole generation turned to the Holy Land back, some never return.


Most notorious drug scene


About 50,000 Israelis stop their service each year, the estimated half of them, experts, pulls it to India. Often they end up in Goa, the smallest Indian state. The drug scene there is notorious. Who has not experienced, is not a real soldier, told by a young Israeli ". You go to the army, then you're going to Goa's how it is if you were not in Goa, then you're not finished with the army."


Gitarrenrunde von Israelis in Goa. Quelle: ZDF

In the evening, the Israelis sit together socializing, singing, dancing and trying drugs out.


In Goa, no one tells them what to do or to have it. Timeless, the days fly away. They talk, dance, experiment with drugs and thus displace the conflict in the home. This is not always possible your uniforms they have passed, but the past can not be cast off so easy, says Doron Atias: "The other day here was a celebration because they have popped There were fireworks and suddenly I felt myself to an Arab village.. reminded, suddenly I was back in the army. That was an uncomfortable feeling. Within a second you're back again, are back with a helmet in a combat unit. "


Between party and psychosis


Already in the morning in Goa circle the first joint, then there is LSD, ecstasy, cocaine. In India, drugs are cheap and easy to get. But many of them go to your head. They hang on a trip, rest, and suffer a nervous breakdown. Experts call this "Flipping Out.​​"


Avschalom, ein israelischer Bewohner Goas. Quelle: ZDF

Avshalom Mor has stayed in Goa and is now helping those who lose high on drugs the sense of reality.


"War and then. at once boundless freedom and drugs This is not a good mix, " says Avshalom Mor. For many years he has lived in Goa, is now heading up a kind of first-aid station. The number of those who suffer from the consumption of drugs under delusions and psychosis, it can no longer count. "The blame for this but, " he says, "with the Israeli government. pretend that war was something romantic. But ask 'times those returning from the war, if there was any romance. No way. It is disgusting, it stinks. "


Help against loss of reality


Israel's government has been trying for years, the drug problem of his soldiers to get a grip. With limited success: while the Israeli Anti Drug Authority so-called "Warm Houses" has built in India. They should explain what to do when someone loses on drugs in control of yourself. But the consumer keeps the young man does not. And so the journey ends into oblivion for many Israelis in an uncontrollable and fatal drug trip.


Gesine Schultz
With material from ZDF




After her military service, young Israelis want to get away from conflict at home. The Indian hippie paradise Goa attracts each year and attracts 25,000 soldiers in drugs and free movement.



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