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Help for children in Ladakh

A request to helping people. Who can help poor children in Ladakh with a donation? We collect money to send warm winter clothing and school supplies to Ladakh. Below is a letter from a friend from Ladakh, who brings the things to the children in a mountain village in the Himalayas.

Who would like to help, please send me a message: .

First I want to thank you for your kind concern. These children are very poor and need help. Winter here in Ladakh is very cold and long. Especially this year the mercury has gone down very low (-20 to -30 degree Celsius). Schools in winter remain closed for 4-5 months. Familys cannot afford schools hostel accommodation because of their financial situation. However we have somehow arranged a room where they can stay together, keep themselves warm and also carry out their studies. Heating facilities are not available. Families stay together in one room or so. They keep their cattle (if they have) in the ground floor and themselves stay in the room above it. This is a local way of keeping warm and cuts down expenses on fire food and others. Electrical energy is expensive. However the govt has provided solar lamps to poor families but many of them are non functional. They are leading a very pathetic and difficult life. Still if you look at these children, they are so full of life with big dreams in their eyes. They all are very keen to study and to get to a respectable position for themselves and their parents. Many of them are very skilful and talented. If only they get a good help from somewhere their lives can get better. Thanks again and I hope the best for these poor children.

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Pictures from Ladakh

I tried the web site above, unfortunately it is in German and I do not know the language, is there any other way to get some contributions through?

My dear Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland ,

i tried to translate the page but my english is not good. I hope you can read it. The children would be very happy to get clothing. I can send you all the information. If you don't have children's clothing, we also need some money to send the packages to India.

Here is the page in English:

I can help by visiting that area, pushing govt agencies by providing facilities as every thing is now available to citizens in some or other schemes. Ladakh is on priority of PM's list, so it may not be difficult to get things done .

My dear Ravi Pratap Shahi , thanks.

We only help privately, collect money and children's clothing. We have no contact with government organizations or NGOs. We have no trust in organizations. If you want to help us and if you can travel to Ladakh, I can send you information about the children. But this is only possible on a private initiative because we have private contacts with these families.

Well, Lothar replied to me, in the other group. 

Thanks, I will be getting together with some people that have small children and I will send the whole thing, then. 

A lot of thanks Carmen and best regards.

If you want, you can also send money with PayPal to so that we can send the packages to Ladakh. If you don't want to use PayPal, please send me a message.


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