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Spending Time in Nature

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Because we instinctively know that nature is good for us on many levels, it's not unusual to feel powerfully drawn to it.

In this modern age, we spend so much time indoors, focused on the busyness of our lives and disconnected from the earth. But much of what we truly need can only be found under the naked sky, alongside tall trees, on open plains, or in the sound of running water. Spending time in nature allows us to commune with other living beings and to find comfort in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth. You can't help but experience a different sense of self while walking in a wood or traversing a mountainside. Being in nature connects us to the earth, grounding us as we walk, unhindered by concrete, upon her. Surrounded by other living beings, both bigger and smaller than we are, we remember that human beings are simply one form of life in this vast universe. 

Because we instinctively know that nature is good for us on many levels, it's not unusual to feel powerfully drawn to it. Even if you live in a city or find it difficult to travel to a forest or the countryside, there are a myriad ways to reconnect with nature. When you step out of your door each morning, pause for a minute and close your eyes long enough to let your senses absorb your surroundings. Listen and breathe deeply, until you hear the wind rustling through branches, smell rain on damp grass, and see the reflection of leaves brushing up against windowpanes. If you have time, crouch down and closely examine any nearby grass and soil. The sights, sounds, smells, and sensations we experience that are part of nature can remind us of all the gifts Mother Earth grants us each day. 

Spending time connecting with nature nourishes the soul, reminds you that you are never truly alone, and renews you by attuning you to the earth's natural rhythms. Taking a walk under the stars or feeling the wind on your face may be all it takes for you to reconnect with nature. Remember, you are as much a part of nature as are the leaves on a tree or water bubbling in a brook. 

by Madisyn Taylor

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This is so true!

Yes,...Nature has always been my source of recovery and even healing. 

spot on .. brilliant.

wonderful and so true can relate to it all happiest when i am out amongst nature thanks for sharing eva

barefoot walking –

I notice that over here in New Zealand we educate kids early on these things, nature & the caring for our planet & country best we can, barefoot walking is so to love each other and treat each other with respect [as we do still get the issues of bullying in schools regardless] but over all we teach our kids to be independent naturalists, its our clean green attitude maybe I spose.. compared to other countries, who teach their kids how to use their ego to its full potential... cos it makes more money then, yes the artificial world is especially in the USA stands out a mile..everyone is so fake looking, over the top people, nothing much stands out as natural about most of them, inside & outside., its about - look at me, look at me..even walking down the street every ones looking into their damn phones these days instead of whats around them or even above their heads..

Image result for american narcissistic behaviours

So true, Vlada! 

But is their ego or their curiosity of things other than their surroundings? 

You'd know the answer to that Carmen since you live there amoungst them & I dont, I'm was just saying what I saw when I was there which was they were all either into themselves & their cell phone technology..

I don't have the answer, however, I see the same thing you did, but the way that they learn those little computers, may be they are not interested anymore in their daily life and they submerge themselves into those other lives...IDK!

That was my point in the first place.


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