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I went in at 3pm on September 23rd for a routine hospitalization at Hospital 22 de Outubro in the city where I live - Mogi Mirim-SP. I would take serum and vitamins and undergo tests. I entered Ward I - Room 03 - Bed 01. Then I went to Room 4 of the same Ward - Bed 2 - on the 25th of the same month.
The doctor responsible for me, Neurologist José Ricardo, forgot about me. He didn't visit me on Saturday or Sunday. I had to wait until Monday to call the secretary at his office - Fernanda - and he only showed up on the evening of the 25th, as the hospital ward couldn't call the doctor at my request. He only appeared on the evening of the 25th.
He prescribed medication for the 25th and 26th.
On the 26th, I was prescribed a Ketamine injection and I fell into a coma moments later.
The roommate called for help. The nursing team attended to me and did the best they could. She could have been taken to the ICU and intubated. I couldn't breathe. He could have died too. Everything was noted in my chart, according to the nurses.
I felt my body completely deform and I felt a lot of pain. I turned into a plastic liquid of all colors that deformed and flowed all the time. It spread, I couldn't gather it. There were many lights of all colors that blinded me. I had "out of body" experience too. I screamed "what's happening to me?" Nobody listened to me.
Outside the body I saw many nurses taking care of me. I vomited a lot, everything around me turned 360 degrees very quickly. There was no place for me to hold on. I was in a lot of pain, I was given a massage and they tried to wake me up in any way possible.
I didn't control my body all day, but I came back.
I stayed in the hospital for another day fearing more effects from the drug. The next day I asked to be discharged. My chest still hurts a lot. I'm shaking and my blood pressure fluctuates all the time. I'M LOOKING FOR A DOCTOR WHO CAN EVALUATE ME. I left worse than I entered.
I'm home for now.

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Thank you, Bridget.

Yes, Margarida, I am praying for you, I already read it in another place, and I think you can derive some good from all of this, I have been able to go out of my body since I was very young, and there is much that we can explore in the inner Worlds, when we do so. 

We do not die, however, until our mission in life is fulfilled, thus, knowing this we can not be scared of anything, and yet, we become very aware of all that we do not know about, before these experieces begin to happen to us!

And by been able to go into other dimensions we also lose the fear of death!

And of course, the doctors that do not care for their patients are incurring a karmic debt!

They will pay for it, but you can look at the best side of the situation!

However, obviously I am praying for you!


Forcibly leaving the body is not good. Even more caused by a drug recommended as an anesthetic for horses.
Yes, I'm not afraid of death and I just want to stabilize myself, if possible. Thank you, Carmen.

You are totally right about that!

For sure, but do not be afraid, my dear friend, you have many more years to live, beware of doctors, 


They do noty have all the answers, either!

Certainly, Carmen.

I'm so sorry to hear of this happening to you, Margarida. It must have been very scary. It definitely doesn't sound like a desirable type of NDE or a Spirit-led one. I'm glad you made it through. I send you lots of love, prayers, healing, and protections. If you would like to have me do a remote blood cleanse to get all this out of your body and cells, let me know. Many blessings!  <3 <3 <3

Private message and thank you very much.


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