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And so the farce drags on! What stuns me is the huge percentage of the population who seem to have no idea that we are ALL involved a global battle. They just do what they are told like good little children. Whatever happened to growing up . . . or soul curiosity?!
I have been asked about calibration. It is easy via kinesiology (muscle testing and not scientific . . . but it works!) to calibrate the frequency of an individual. All Humanity is One, so it is therefore possible to calibrate humanity. About 82% of humanity are below 200 . . . not good. You could define 200 as the frequency of awakening to the higher possibilities of life, to self-empowerment. People below 200 are still exploring their negativity. But, this is not bad . . . it is as it is . . . for they are sleeping.
The more people who allow fear to lower their frequency, the more negative chaos we will experience. This is why the sleepers are actually lowering the overall calibration . . . they are immersed in a false, low frequency illusion. However, to answer another question about our future, you need to let go of the belief that we all share the same future . . . we do not. Sleepers face a future where they continue in the illusion, while those who are awake face a future that exactly matches their expression of consciousness. Remember, you are your 'own' creation and your frequency determines your future. Every persons future has a probability factor. If you have slept through several incarnations, the probability is that you will continue to sleep. If you have been spiritually active in previous incarnations, the probability is you will continue to spiritually grow. The 'direction' of your growth will also determine your future. I should add here that religion has been an incredibly efficient way to deny spiritual growth. To me, religion is as anti-God as you can get. God is the Oneness of pure Love. Religion is absolute separation. But it does give sleepers permission to stay asleep! This is a soul Truth.
We are at the most critical time in our current human history, and it is crucial to be awake and part of the solution. As I say over and over, the vital factor is Love. To unconditionally Love yourself. You are the world. You are humanity. You might not understand this, but if you open your heart you can embrace it . . . and this supersedes understanding! All you need do is constantly and CONSCIOUSLY . . . choose Love!

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