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As you know already my name is Hagay and i am living in isRael, country where for 62 years there is only wars between brothers. the israeli jews and palesitne jews, yes, most of the palestine are jews but the zionist think that palestine are muslems wich is totally wrong. 

I feel honor to contact you and inform you that we can make peace ONLY if we will be together. in the past i was try make unification between peace organizations but most of them dont want and dont understand that only together we can bring peace as we are family. The situation today is because fanatics religious\militar'politician are together, they are the manority but they are together and is why they can make wars, killings people, and be in the power in every country. they are the cancer of this humanity.

This is why i want you help to bring peace makers to my profiles and very soon i will send you program where i will tell you be in active and do actions. It's time to get up and not sit and wait for peace to come, because only by the target activity we can bring peace.

those who want be active please send me email with: NAME-COUNTRY-M\F and i you have 1 hour per day or 3 hours per week to make actions.

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As you know i do not have much currency to afford flying around, however if i have an idea I would share it with you, great ideas of bringing people together in the country can be started off by social art groups, and music gatherings. The arts and music are one of the fundamental things that bring people together. If one could get the loacal musicians together for music concerts it would help and as well at same time have places whre people can paint and express all there anger out onto paper, and then do a second painting on peace and tranquillity.
Much Love and huggles

i just say that to make peace ALLTHE ORGANIZATIONS FOR PEACE need be TOGETHER as the all fanatic organizations are and we can see what power they have because they make unification.


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