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The power of love

Israel, Palestine,
let the sunlight illuminate
your mental universe and cure it.

Israel, Palestine,
abandon your rustling grudges and let the
power of love riding the future events.

Palestine, Israel,
destroy hatred and the power of love will fall upon you!
Brothers, let your inner desert flourish with light

People thirsty for peace, let the spark of
compassion light your hearts.

Let the rays of Justice illuminate
the incomprehension that
obscures your minds.

Let the sunlight warm the ice that come from your hearts.
Let the truth illuminate you eyes blinded
by the atrocities of war.

Palestine, Israel,
borders are only human limitations.
The walls that divide grow only
in the poisoned minds of men.
Brothers, do not let the tears of God
wet the corpses of the innocents, killed by criminals
who do not believe in the power of love.

Israel, Palestine,
let the sunlight illuminate
you mental universe end cure it,
for the horrible cancer of evil created by hatred.

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I like it because it is very touching. Truth is the best path towards Peace. The problems between Palestinians and Israelis, I am so certain, are not the people but the politicians who are greedy of power.
About those tears of God...

There is a story in the Hindu tradition about the Lord Shiva who, one day up on Mt. Kailash, looked down and saw how cruel and murderous humans were towards each other, and it made him cry. When his tears hit the ground, they turned into Rudraksha seeds and soon there were Rudraksha trees growing. Devotees of Lord Shiva took the seeds from these trees, strung them on strings, and today they are used as prayer beads all over the world.
Eva, thanks for posting this beautiful touching poem.
It sounds like a prayer. Let us hope it will be fulfilled.
Hello my sweet friend EVA,
Thanks you so much for share with me your beautiful thoughts about of PEACE on The World!
All with my loves,
Mahmut Alan


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