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Lyrics written by Thich Nhat Hanh (A poem published in 'Call Me by my True Names)

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The Lyrics

"Today the kingdom of Heaven

Held a festival for thousands of stars

I went up to that kingdom

Knelt down and prayed

That the anguish, the killing, the disaster

In our poor land would end."

Where have you been, little star?

I feel so forlorn

Like a small bird lost on a foggy island

It has been raining for nights

Late night on the sidewalk

I see the silhouettes of lonely, wet forms

I've tried to call your image

From deep in my consciousness

While the rain and the wind continue to rage

Tonight as I bend over my desk

My head in my two hands

The wind has carried all the clouds away

The sky is clear

The rain has stopped longing for your call

I'm surprised to see you there

You have returned

Little star!


I've been looking at the stars in the distance

I've been looking in my heart for resistance

I've been searching in the self for existence

All alone by myself Reminiscent

Underneath the Bodhi tree but it isn't only me

You and I collective energy how it's s'posed to be

I hope to be the ocean tide

With my spirit open wide

Standing on a mountain top see the world with open eyes

I was so surprised to know that I'm a part of this

Sunrise sunset rain clouds all of it

The journey of awakening taking it with one step one breath

Save all beings till there's none left

Suffering is painful but I'm still the same fool

Searching for the river while I'm swimming in the same pool

Maybe we can find

Keep the light shining

Walking on the path of ancestors behind me

If you could be the person who you are in your heart

Would you grow a little bit

Or would you play a bigger part

Love is a paintbrush

Life is the biggest art

And I'm still the same kid

Wishing on a little star

Thank you, Rosmarie!

You're very Welcome, Eva   May we have a good week in spite of all!


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