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Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16


Grandfather taught me that with many things we must first acknowledge them and get familiar with the idea we hold within self first, then we are to remember that we are to prioritize everything before we step up to do any of them...Once we have our plan in order, it is time now to step up and begin doing what we have been shown and asked and even the things we have decided we need to do as well...

If everyday I do this, All Things throughout the day works as they should, and for everyday that I live here on Mother Earth, the first thing is always the same...Give my thanksgiving for all things to Creator and acknowledge His Son, my Savior and be sure to remember to include the Holy Spirit in all things as well...once these things are done, I can go about my day with the confidence of knowing that I can go to the throne of grace knowing that all things are as they should be, and if needed I may receive or another may receive mercy and find grace that will take us and comfort us in our time of very blessed we are, and speaking for self, I am a very lucky man, to have so many and so much helping to protect and guide and teach and just give me the backing needed in some things of this life and its daily obstacles...Thank you Jesus for All You do and have done and Creator, I love you and want to serve you forever, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray this and send it up to be heard and known throughout the ages...Amen.

Grandfather, I know and feel you with me always, and I want to say thank you for all the wisdom passed down to me over the years and all the teachings and spirit walks and the blessed times around the sacred fire and all the days when we did no more than walk down to the river, sit, pray and wait for the answers to flow down and into us, as well as watching all the animals and trees and mountains, and the river and all the life in and around the river...but most of all, I love and miss you as much today as any other day I have lived, and you are and will be most important to me forever...I love you Grandfather, as I leave this place, I leave tobacco and sage for you and a piece of my heart as well...

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