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The milk is not produced or produced. Milk comes from cows, whose calf is taken away. Cows are animals with strong social behavior. The relationship between cow and calf is very close. In order to take the milk away from the cow, the calf must be separated from the cow. This happens immediately after birth in conventional cow husbandry, it happens one day after the organic livestock. Cows cry for days full of pain when the calf is taken away. These emotions of grief, anger, pain are also in the milk.

Today I would like to talk about milk rather about non-milk. Many may be surprised. Because many think: "Yes, milk is still healthy, milk is so much milk is propagated." And I recommend that you do not consume milk Why not not milk is not produced Milk is not produced either Milk comes from cows whose calves are taken away Cows are animals with strong social behavior The relationship between the cow and the calf is very close In order to remove the milk from the cow, the calf must be separated from the cow After the birth in conventional cow husbandry It happens one day later in the organic cow husbandry, organic livestock Cows cry for days full of pain when the calf is taken away They are the emotion of grief, anger, pain in the Milk in. Of course in factory farming it is even worse, where the animals are just too tortured and there is of course also the pain of everyday life in the milk in. But even in the Bio-Tierhaltun g, which is of course much better than factory farming, even there the calves are taken away from the cows, typically one day after the birth and the mother screams. Cows have a very intense love for their child and the child taken away, because the mother cries. I believe every human mother can understand what it would be like if she lost her child. And humans and animals are not as different as you once thought. All human emotions can also have animals. Maybe in different forms, but especially cattle are animals with big and strong social behavior. And there the relationship of cow - calf is very deep.

Do a little thought experiment. Imagine, you see a cow with a calf in front of you and now imagine that you have to push the calf away now and then you would sit down on the cow's teats and suck the milk out of the cow. How is this idea? I believe that if you were to do this experiment every time you drink a glass of milk, you would soon become a non-dairy drinker. Unconsciously, you know that it's not okay to take the milk off a young creature and suck on the teats of a cow.

It comes a little further: Many people have milk intolerances. These increase with age. The likelihood that you can not digest milk well is as high as your age. Dairy consumption with milk intolerance can lead to flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome as well as lack of energy, irritability, mental vulnerability, restlessness and allergies. I know a lot of people who have been in a depressive state of mind, in an energy state of energylessness, and who have been given new energy by renouncing milk, new enthusiasm and new strength. Just then a reduction can bring a lot. So it is sad that so many people suffer excessively because they have milk intolerances and think they are doing something good by drinking milk. The opposite is the case. While there are many people who have no milk intolerance, there are some studies that also link cardiovascular disease and cancer to milk intake. There is even the statement that someone who abstains completely from meat and milk would get cancer much later than someone who does not give it up. There are even some scientists who believe that completely avoiding milk and meat can make arteriosclerosis impossible. So you can think about it. You can think about it, if you are still drinking milk - next time you can think about where the milk came from. You can be aware: there's a cow, there's a calf. The calf would like to suck on the mother's teats. The mother would like to lick the calf. This calf would like to snuggle up next to the mother in the evening. The calf would like to roam around the mother's legs. By taking the milk away from the cow, the calf must be separated from the mother, somewhere, get some milk somewhere out of a tube or some receptacle, and then you eat that milk. And this milk does you no good, this milk does you all kinds of bad. You are doing something bad yourself. You do something bad for the calf, something bad for the cow and milk consumption is the same problem for the environment and the climate as the meat. And of course, milk production is also closely related to meat production. Many vegetarians who consume milk do not know that. They are not aware of this fact.

To produce milk, your cow has to get a calf. Half of the calves are bulls. The cops must be killed. Normally, cattle have a natural life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. The cops are killed quite early for the meat. Even the cows, who could normally be 20 to 30 years old, are killed after six years because, as the saying goes, milk production is getting less. Even the cows themselves are killed in their early adulthood because they do not give enough milk. Suppose you want to eat milk without killing an animal, then practically 20 animals would have to be fed and only one animal would give milk. This is a complicated calculation that I will not open now, but I was amazed at how many cattle would need it if they did not kill them to have a single cow that sometimes consumes milk.

Think about it next time, could not you replace the milk? The nutrients of the milk you can take elsewhere. Soymilk, for example, gives you almost all the nutrients of milk. If you say that you also do not want so much milk, then you can - if you want milk - make rice milk, spelled milk. Coconut milk to take - there are also soy yogurt, if you like yogurt like. There are also quark-like things made from soymilk, there are silk tofu with which you can do many things for which you might have used sour cream and the modern margarines from the health food store and the health food store, taste as good as butter and are also very healthy. You also get the nutrients from the milk over whole grains - because you have the minerals and you get the B vitamins and the protein over legumes. And if you are worried about B12, then you may be able to take vitamin B12 - food supplemented with vitamin B12 - or occasionally vitamin B12 supplements. In any case, you do not need milk, milk is good for nothing, milk creates a lot of suffering, you would be much better, health as well as emotionally and mentally, if you do without milk. Breastfeeding leads to a more relaxed life. Om Shanti - Peace be upon all living beings.

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I agree, and also, my body rejected all of that, thus I can not drink milk nor eat any milk products, like cheese, and so forth. 

Our bodies also know better and whatever is not in harmony with our way of being is rejected. 

Thank you so much.


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