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People that are still asleep in the world and go about the day-to-day are not held as accountable as the ones that are waking to a deeper level of awareness. The truth seekers that say yes I know and understand, yet do no service for others other then what is convenient for then, must learn, understand and practice, To give what you do not want to give is truly giving and give with the left and do not let the right know about the giving should be the seekers guide on the path. The very nature of the path of light is to give back to god, by giving to others. What the spiritual seekers need to come into a deeper awareness of is the personal self [Nafs Ammara] by its very nature is constantly pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. The ending of this pattern is the ending of the self. The ending of the self with its desires and fears enables you to return to your real nature, the source of all happiness and peace. The perennial desire for pleasure is the reflection of the timeless harmony within. It is an observable fact that one becomes self- conscious only when caught in the conflict between pleasure and pain, which demands choice and decision. It is this clash between desire and fear that causes anger, which is the great destroyer of sanity in life. If you watch yourself in your daily life with alert interest, with the intention to understand rather than to judge, in full acceptance of whatever may emerge, because it is there, you encourage the Divine way to come to the surface and enrich your life and consciousness with its captive energies. This is the great work of awareness; it removes obstacles and releases energies by understanding the nature of life and mind. In this way you find Divine love with in and radiate it out word to the world.

The Wayfarer walks past the poor the suffering the sick and the oppressed. After a while the Wayfarer falls to the Knees and cries “Oh God why don’t you do something for these people!” God Replies, “I did do something. I created You!”


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We light a candle for all our friends and members that have passed to the other side.

Gone from our life and forever moved into our heart. ~ ❤️ ~

Grant us peace

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Shannon Wamsley

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Windy Willow (Salix Tree)
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Ireland NOV 2020
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She writes,
"Love, acceptance and inclusion. Grant us peace."



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