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IX: 25

Chapter 9, Verse 25 "Those who worship the gods Go to the gods. Those who most revere their ancestors Become united with them; But my disc…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Sep 17, 2014

IX: 24

Chapter 9, Verse  24   “In truth, I am the object of all worship, The Enjoyer of all ritual offerings. Until the worshiper merges with Me a…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Sep 11, 2014

IX: 23

Chapter  9,  Verse  23   Those students, endowed with faith, Who worship other gods, Using methods not prescribed in the scriptures, Nevert…

Started by Krishna Jaya

1 Aug 30, 2014
Reply by Katja

IX: 22

Chapter 9, Verse 22 "For those who adore me And think of me constantly, I add to what they already have And comfort them with absolute sec…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Aug 24, 2014

IX: 21

Chapter 9, Verse 21 "When their merit is spent, They fall back into the mortal world. Impelled by desire, They achieve only that which wil…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Aug 18, 2014

IX: 20

Chapter 9, Verse 20 "Those who follow the scriptures And drink the Soma juice Are purified of their sins. They naturally rise to the realm…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Aug 12, 2014

IX: 19

Chapter 9, Verse 19 "I am the heat of the Sun. I hold back the rain and release it. I am Death and the Deathless And all that is and is no…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Aug 7, 2014

IX: 18

Chapter 9, Verse 18 "I am the Goal, the Infinite Treasure House, Origin, Foundation, and Dissolution, Refuge, Abode, Friend, Witness and I…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Jul 21, 2014

IX: 17

Chapter 9, Verse 17 "I am the Mother and Father of the whole Universe and also its Grandfather. I am the one who gives you the results of…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Jul 16, 2014

IX: 16

Chapter 9, Verse 16 "I am the ritual and the worship, The medicine and the Mantra, The ghee poured into the flames, The fire into which it…

Started by Krishna Jaya

0 Jul 8, 2014


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