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    7 members Latest Activity: Jan 18

    About four years ago my sister created HOPE N PEACE Vigils. It is an event anyone can take part in, and we encourage you to do so. It is held bi…

  • Taoism

    16 members Latest Activity: Feb 26, 2023

    Explorations of Taoist concepts, meditations, universal healing work and more.

  • The Smell of Rain

    14 members Latest Activity: Jan 27

    I am a pluviophile but don't know why. Rain touches my body as well as soul. Rainy day elates my mood and those cool winds touching my body gives…

  • Myths, Legends, Customs, Folklore

    17 members Latest Activity: Mar 24

    Myths and Legends from Around the World.

  • Ecological Consciousness

    20 members Latest Activity: Jan 28

    "Ecological Consciousness is caring about the Earth as family, connecting with Nature consciously, respecting Mother Nature's laws, knowing that…

  • Architecture, art and design

    16 members Latest Activity: Jun 12

    The decorative arts are arts or crafts whose object is the design and manufacture of objects that are both beautiful and functional.

  • The Most Peaceful Places In The World

    12 members Latest Activity: Feb 22

    From transformative lakes to underground ice palaces, the world is full of exciting cultural experiences and natural wonders. Here are some of the…


    93 members Latest Activity: Apr 16


  • Mother Nature and disability

    38 members Latest Activity: Feb 23, 2023

    Here I would like to create a place for people with physical or mental problems. People who have the will and Courage to tell about themselves

  • Il Capriccio Café-Bar&Kitchen

    13 members Latest Activity: Mar 29, 2023

    The best way to enjoy this so perfectly balanced Café-Bar is to share a few small dishes with a glass of wine while putting the world to…

  • Cult [ur] time

    49 members Latest Activity: Jun 12

    Arts program, information program, political broadcast.

  • Inspirations

    22 members Latest Activity: 4 hours ago

    Daily Inspiration

    Inspirational thoughts for a happy and fulfilling day.

    Supports all who want to live a conscious lifestyle.

  • Themes Ning

    7 members Latest Activity: Apr 3, 2023

    Classic Public free Themes for Peace for the Soul! 2.0 Classic Public Themes, 2.0 Themes per site only for creators with free private request, 3.0…

  • Carl Gustav Jung

    18 members Latest Activity: May 15

    The first words of Jung's Red Book are "The way of what is to come."

    "The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret…

  • Jalāl ad-Din ar-Rumi

    28 members Latest Activity: May 25

    "Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,
    there is a field. I'll meet you there."

    ~ Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

  • Beautiful People

    26 members Latest Activity: Jan 21

    This Group Is For Beautiful People And All The Beauty Of The World, If You Are Beautiful Please Join,


    5 members Latest Activity: Jan 6

    This is a group for anyone who wishes to advertise their products or services in an area other than their personal profile page.…

  • Voices of Women

    20 members Latest Activity: Apr 27, 2023

    A Group for all women to promoting their free expression, thereby giving voice to their struggles for civil, economic, political, and gender…

  • The Wisdom of Kabbalah

    11 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2023

    This group is about the teachings of Kabbalah and how to understand the World we live in and our ultimate purpose here.

  • Science and new discoveries

    20 members Latest Activity: Jan 4

    This is a place where we can compare the new scientific discoveries with the spiritual sciences.…

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We light a candle for all our friends and members that have passed to the other side.

Gone from our life and forever moved into our heart. ~ ❤️ ~

Grant us peace

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Shannon Wamsley

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Windy Willow (Salix Tree)
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Ireland NOV 2020
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She writes,
"Love, acceptance and inclusion. Grant us peace."




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