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Shifting from Fear to Love on 9/11/11 - A Wish

Moments of great sadness and shock bring people together. Soon thereafter, the struggle for retaining unity and compassion or giving in to or accepting the "sales" of fear, hate and division begin. We have now been 10 years at war and 10 years at trying to bring peace and community to the world. At times now, we seem to be more divided than ever with people on the side of fear and the side of love taking more "my way or the highway" stands.


United in working together, we…


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My wish for you all

Peace and Good Will to All! My best wishes to you and the earth for the coming year and forever!

Added by Ned Hamson on December 24, 2010 at 1:12pm — 2 Comments

I Will Fight No More - Forever

I Will Fight No More, Forever

A Before You Go interview with Bruce Hardwick, Firekeeper of the Anishinaabe - Three Fires People.

Ned Hamson - 2002

Ned Hamson: Would what you say if the next few moments were your last. What would you want to say about being a leader to your peers or children before you go?…


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How Duane Saved the World

How Duane Saved the World

Ned Hamson - Copyright 2002

Hot and Sticky Chicago -- August 2030

It is so hot that sweat is dripping out from under the brim of my old straw hat; just as it was the first time I met Duane — the six year-old who “saved the world.” I met Duane on a hot sticky August evening in Cincinnati. I haven’t heard from… Continue

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An Interview with Patch Adams, MD and Clown

The World of Patch Adams and Gesundheit!

Interviewer - Ned Hamson

Patch Adams is who/what? The subject of a hugely popular film. A film about a caring, doctor who uses humor in his practice. A physician who has piloted and created a model for giving healthcare that is healthful for patients, family, physicians and nurses, and the community. …


Added by Ned Hamson on March 7, 2010 at 4:13pm — 2 Comments

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