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Yesterday I created four compositions and have decided to string them together as a single work in chronological order. If you would, please read through so as to experience each of the four perspectives

The Rise & Fall of Civilization – 7am

The poor awoke. It was a new day. In one voice they spoke to the powerful, their oppressors, saying, “You want to take our lands, our only home, and take what you call wealth from our lands. But in so doing you would destroy what to us is the wealth of sustaining goodness and our sense of belonging, even in our poverty. Then we who are already downtrodden would be even more wretched, crowded into homelessness—not men anymore, not women, but things—subject to misuse and injustice.

“So no. We will not give up our lands and step to the side powerless and broken, watching you further consume and destroy our mothering earth. But go instead and return. Bring us the surplus of your bread to share, that we who are destitute may have peace of mind when our bellies are full and our children have been lifted out from the shadow of death. And bring to us too fresh water, so that our souls are clear of confusion and our limbs supple—that we might enter once more the childhood of trust and the dignity of labor.”

Yes, the poor awoke. Yes it was a new day. Although some surely thought themselves only dreaming. For they had spoken as one who had never before known their voice!

But the powerful returned, showing only their love of profit, coming back with many mercenaries, soldiers armed with bombs and guns. Paying dishonest men to rape and pillage, maim and murder. And the new day became an endless night of terror. And the good earth became a killing field.

Tough Love – 1pm

That which is below sets in motion that which is above. Then that which is below is subject to that which is above.

Where there is justice there is no need for judgment. Where there is no justice, judgment is a stone fallen out of heaven into the graveyard of history.

The most radical and fearful thought of all radical and fearful thoughts ever conceived or conceivable is this from the speculation of certain Kabbalists: Evil is a sort of excrement of God, the waste product of the divine, as God-in-process is purified through the ongoing purgation of history and the evolution of creation.

Initially there is nothing to call this concept other than paralytic terror. For then, until the end of time—for whatever earthly and cosmic time it takes to be completed—we may be no more than victims of the dark flushing out of the One who sends both good and evil.

And there is before this harrowing prospect but one alternative short of madness: That which is below sets in motion that which is above. There from, in a way profoundly mysterious while imminently practical, the hallowing of the human in the furtherance of the libration of creation may restore and simultaneously introduce God to the integral purity before and after the breaking of the vessels and the seeping into earthen life of the degrees of death, and the counter “touch love” of tikkun.

Tikkun: which is to say, mending of soul with the way of spirit and mending of the physical with the way of soul, in freeing the light behind the shells of darkness.

Now, in mid eleventh year of this new millennium, in this first ever Ecozoic Era, the paradigm of freedom as tikkun olam, the healing of the world, looks to the example of Abraham, on one hand, who walked in dialogic intimacy, as a friend, with the creator of heaven and earth, even to contenting for the lost souls of Sodom and Gomorrah, and, on the other hand, with the Noah Principle which embraces as a sacred responsibility to the diversity of planetary life that no species be driven into forced extinction.

Sufi – 6pm

Your angel is the archetype of the essence of who you are. And as such your angel is your archetype and your essence, which is as the eye of God looking into the eye of God and beholding you in the act of beauty, which is truth of you as true Self, as a living vision in the presence of God.

If these words seem to you a circle going around itself, this can mean only one thing: that hearing, you are called upon to be a dervish; that by standing, you are at circle-center; that by whirling to the rhythm of this sublimity, you are attuned to the winged heartbeat of the all-encircling form.

And this form upholds and renews you until you have learned to uphold and renew this form. And to shape of it a circle of whirling wings and to set these wings on fire to move through the world, illuminating without burning those whom the wheel of wings would touch, and by touching inwardly ignite.

If these words seem antithetical, then you are being introduced into the paradox-creative of the angel-human complex, which is only reconciled in compassionate contemplation and active compassion between the passion of the angel who you are and the pathos of creation you are part of.

Shekhinah – 11:45pm

Your sea mood eyes… a poem about the cliff named perch of the nymph… fountain of moonlight near midnight… your hair along your naked back, cascading toward roundness… nature awaits deliverance the same way the dead are waiting for resurrection… a bit of breeze breathes over the bath of sweat through open window… into your moon drenched ear I whisper, “The Shekhinah spreads wide her glory wings”.... body as prayer… the consort of God peaceful before sleep in the shape of quiet water…

From rituals of lovers, near and far, the world will be renewed. For the righteous rise up at midnight to join the Bride of God, who dwells among us, to the mystery of the Godhead… that superflux of God-the-possible.

David Sparenberg

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Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on July 22, 2011 at 11:05am

Great post, David. Thanks for the inspiration it created inside of me.


Love and Peace for you and all Beings

Comment by Deborah Ivy Thorsos on July 20, 2011 at 3:06am
I feel that we are in a mist of a great paradigm shift that will usher in the golden age of peace.  All the evil in this world will vanish as things that do harm and are unsustainable do not last.  The bad provides fuel for the transformation into good things.
Comment by Eva Libre on July 17, 2011 at 2:57am
4:53am  thank you day-worker, David ...! :...:)

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