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I know how you feel. I also had fears and doubts. I also asked that I take off the yoke of my destiny, wish I did not have that
responsibility. I really had the world on my hombros.No you
worry if you do not understand. I spoke of my love day and night to my
Apostles, listening to all my parables, yet were more
concerned about who would sit to my right at the end of time or
on how many times should I understood from verdad.No perdonar.Nunca
ashamed if I sometimes ignore. Pedro, my strong rock, my
successor, denied me three times ... and ...! and yet he trusted the
world and the work of My Father ... Never believe you will not understand each
one of your falls, fits, and betrayal ... I forgave that I
betrayed, which I refused, who insulted me, which I
killed ... What is your offense? Nothing ... and although not sound right
I always forgive you though, you still fall into the same, my
mercy than your concept of justicia.No ashamed when
need "proof" of my power. I had to do wonders for my
People recognize me and follow me ... I had to appear raised
paa to them to understand and stop doubting my my
death!. And if I do not recognize there before you, in pain and the call
those who need you, who cares ... nobody recognized me as the Christ
when he was among the hombres.No worry if you have few friends
Many said they were mine until the end and you worry if ves.No
you have to react badly and sometimes bitterness. I kicked their ass
those dislocated disrespectful when they invaded the temple of My
Fr. From time to time the anger is necessary to understand that love
I inherited that is infinite in spite of your imperfect humanity
is this love, my impression on you and the path will return to Me some feel bad when you look lonely, misunderstood,
rejected, beaten and insulted. I more than anyone know what it is that ...
sabes.No and you feel bad when it may seem pointless what you do
and not much progress despite all your effort. I felt the same,
fear, pain and frustration in every fall towards my muerte.No you
worry if your dreams are very large and high, or that will be
difficult to achieve, I died trying to fulfill the mío.Elegí to 12 for
change to billions and make a better world! That itself is a
madness!, and look, I'm two thousand years and I have for awhile. And I
ti.Cuando to doubt you in spite of being honest with yourself and
Moreover, despite being consistent and act properly, we
dos.Cuando accuse you of being a subversive and will only be annulled
authentic, innovative and want the best for all, when you trample
simplicity, ingenuity and your inner child, when no one
amount of your good feelings, join me worry about what club.No
weak or make you look foolish to mourn the sad, walking
alone, talking to himself, let him pin you want, you and I know
what is the truth of your soul and your soledad.Si are confident, generous
naive or are subject to temptations of needs, do not worry.
I went through all that, and while sometimes suffer from being finished
authentic and what I am and accept my responsibilities, what good is
feel to be always what one is!. Do not worry if you are weak and
are you afraid of suffering or if you are a coward at times, my son, I
also hesitate to death. And if you fall under the weight of your pain, no
matter. I fell several times on my way to Golgotha because no
más.No enduring worry if when you want to take a "breather" from
Me, because I feel that I'm tired, my people left me to my fate
when my ordeal and my muerte.No I complain, because that was the
destination you choose, I asked for, live for love, and I do not care either
they both know that eventually meet again, for your
own will and my love sometimes impatient ... Do not worry if
feel you are not doing much for my work, not even mine
helped me carry my cross on my way to death. But do not
ashamed, you have helped me many times, rest if quieres.No issues
when your sins and reject me hurt me, what more da ... I
spit on, flogged me, I bled the head with thorns, I
absurdly changed by a criminal and was executed as the most
vilest of them beat me, shamefully stripped in front of everyone
and played my clothes, made fun of my suffering and my pain, I
body nailed to a tree, gave me gall to drink and I finalized
with a spear, I'm used to pain. Do not you think?. Do not
worry. I love you, and true love bears all, you know
also because you've tried many times but have failed. No
cry now forgive you and accept you as often as necessary
do, but do not understand my reasons and my feelings ... Strongly
background both know that she understands that I love. Never
pressures if you are tired of walking and searching. rests on my
arms. I will watch you sleep, hug you and do not wake up even though I
numb arms and lap. If you're sad, cry on my shoulder
weep together and I give the floor to comfort you. I always tell
you need to hear, and I promise that you will leave refreshed and alegre.No
worry if you see me whenever I look. I will be there to your
hand, for better or for worse. Neither worry about what you
missing. All you ask me I will give it with love, yet so do not ask me
and need, all you have, and still more of what you ask me, all you
daré.No I worry about a thing, a small mine, all you should have
and you can handle. I have now. Everything you should know and be able to
advantage, you know now. I have taught you well, now it's up to you.

With love Jesus.

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Comment by pieter on December 5, 2010 at 6:14pm
Dear Sister, it likes we are taalking to eatsohter,
Thank you so must forsending me this.
In Love and Light,

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