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Be and See


i hold on to my darkness

for i fear the light

my light


i fear that i may be as God

complete within my self

and that i am responsible

for all that i am

in consciousness


i fear that i will have to face myself

and all the “less than i Am”

i have allowed to take root

and grow

and bud

and flower

and thus

bear fruit

in this perfect garden

i was given charge



and fear loves it

it like to share

give it’s self

with all of it’s taboos to others

and we call them brothers

and sisters



stop lying to your greater self

your wealth will not flow to you

until you undue

all those fucked up knots

you have tied

around your soul


we blame the nonsense

and like to tell us it is indoctrination

well you allowed your senses

to embrace the dementia

of this collective of beings

that are hiding from themselves

and there is no defense

no recompense

for you are still willingly

giving allegiance

to the lie

you help actuate

you continue to perpetuate

fearing again that you are too late

to make a change


deranged i say

there is no time

in the vortex of eternity

just flip that switch

and make a switch

and face the certainty

the falsehoods

of your insanities

and vanities

and stop vying

for acceptance without

and go within

and meet your God

in your Heaven

sit and have a talk

take a walk

create a new Garden

that is self sustaining

and stop straining

against the ropes

that bind you

that do not exist

untwist the twisted  mind

you find some sick solace in

and become your own best friend

my fellow God Source


but of course

first things first

let go of self

and the perceptions

of who you think you are

let go of the dark

of judgment

an just “BE”

and See



© 26 July 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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Comment by Bill on July 27, 2011 at 10:01pm

actually that pic is a girl peering at the moon with an angel beside her . . .

We all seek those answers don't we . . . lol

How are you my friend

sending love


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