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Bees and why we must protect them

I have created a beautiful garden over the 21 years I live by the coast in Southern California.
My wish was always to have honeybees, now be careful of your words and thoughts, they will put everything in motion.
One day my distressed neighbor comes to me telling me she had wild bees trying to get into her garage, if she please could borrow some sage to smoke them out and calm them down.
I gave her a bunch and the bees disappeared, she did not want them in the garage.
So, I prayed and went talking to them, asking them to come to the end of the property and to my garden.
It went on for a good 4 days and surely enough they followed me down and relocated on top of the wall shared with 2 other neighbors.
I spoke to one neighbor, to please honor them and to not harm them in any way and why bees are so important for this planet at this time.
The other neighbor is very arrogant he constantly and always without invitation cuts my tree and I had fought many arguments with him already unsuccessfully.
I tried to avoid for him to even getting involved with the bees, for he would have poisoned them for sure.
People use endless pesticides here and care not for mother nature, there is little consciousness here at this time in southern CA.
I called several Bee keepers and even Universities but all wanted lots of money and or had excuses to avoid helping.
However, the beekeeper shared with me that these where not African killer bees and that all were healthy and well.
So, I prayed for protection of the bees, everyday I put incense around them before I would leave for work, in order to keep them calm.
One day I came home and a yellow foam was on top of the wall blocking there entrance, the neighbor I had talked too, had sprayed chemicals.
I was so sad and so mad, I cried. I crawled up the ladder, bees surrounding me, knocking off the chemicals, talking and pleading with the bees.
Please bees, I love you, you must relocate to the bottom of the wall, on my side of the garden or into the tree or I will not be able to protect you any longer.
Please come down, all the while I was burning
Next morning I checked and they had relocated to the bottom of the wall on my side. There entrance was a small hole, no larger then a lentil.
6 weeks later they have made the hole as large as a plum and for now they are safe and well.
I sit in front of them, watching them for hours and boy did I learn a lot, I do my meditations here as well.
They are very disciplined. All bees retire around 4:30pm. One always stays behind and guards all the others until everyone is safely at home.
The queen makes babies constantly for they only life 6 weeks.Here the beekeeper said is the opportunity for an African killer bee to sneak in and maid with the queen
I can not get to the honey but at bedtime I hear them chanting and I am a huge bit further to heaven each time I get to listen.They are love in the purest form possible and they do listen to your thoughts and voice if you too come from love.

God is good

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