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Bliss Knew my name


i had been a hard working Soul for quite a long time. It has been a while since i took a Spiritual Vacation. I thought about this often. You know, sometimes you just get tired. Though we may rest on a daily basis, there is most certainly an accumulative weariness that has a profound affect upon our Spiritual persona. Yes, i needed a vacation.


I really did not know how to go about this. Usually when i took a break for my Spiritual Pursuits, it lead to no good. What is that little saying i used to use . . .  “by Design or Default”. Well usually, my Spiritual Hiatus’ were just that . . . by “Default”. Well this time i was keenly aware of my need for a break. My question is just what should one do to exact this much needed period of rejuvenation i felt i was so much in need of.


Well, in my examinations, the first thing i decided to do was take an personal Spiritual Inventory. Just what exactly was the issue? What was it i felt . . . in truth besides tired ? In all honesty this was one of the most difficult tasks i have ever had to undertake about “Self”. I found that there was an underlying and prevailing guilt beginning to arise as i contemplated stepping away from the essence of how i defined my self. Interestingly enough, i found my “Self” down on my knees in “Meditative Silence” seeking answers. That was not good, because that only served to remind me of just how tired i was. Yes, it seemed that this path was well worn and i needed a refresher, yes, a big refresher!


In my contemplations, i examined my Joys, you know, the type of things that brought abandoned smiles to my spirit. You know, the type of Joy one has for no particular or objective reason. I reached back into those memories i had stored over the years. They came in quite handy as i contemplatively examined their characteristics looking for that special light that i equated to a sort of “Self Liberation” . . .  Yes, that was it . . . i needed to be liberated from “Self” ! I had long, i think been liberated from such things such as Societal Indoctrinations and Propagandas, however there still seemed to be some sort of Ominous “Rote-Like” essence infecting me at a deeper level. And now it was showing up.


Funny thing began to happen as i went deeper and deeper within, in my search for that solution to my Spiritual Quandary. I saw this light . . . no it was not incandescent, nor was it Fluorescent or of any other reasonable explanation of all that i have known in my past. And i am somewhat familiar with the usual revelatory type lights that comes to consciousness through deep meditation . . . or what i call “Zoning”! This light seemed to also bear with it a feeling, a glow that enveloped not only my consciousness, but it overtook aspects of my self that i did not know existed as i felt this warm enveloping wave of  deep peace. It was sort of Orgasmic in nature, but much more complete, for it had no vibration nor Peaks nor Valleys. It was like a continuous embracing wave of Bliss. It is at that time i heard “The Voice”. I would like to say “The Voice” was of a Feminine dynamic, but that would be my feeble attempt to define and characterize that which was so much more. This was more like a melding of all that i was into a complete state of true “BE”ing. And though there were no definitive words i can remember being uttered, , this is what i was residually left with upon the cessation of this episode.


““Child, i am who you are. We are of the same ilk, the same Source, we are pure energy. I am that which sustains thee, as thou are what sustains all that i am. I exist simply because you do.  Our Coexistence is completely symbiotic. In your quest for Peace, Understanding and Joy, you have activated your deepest Power, and thus being summoned, in obedience to the Will of that which is Divine, “I AM” here . . .Now. I am Bliss. I am that elusive energy who peeks into the lives of Men from time to time. Though i am yours to command as your are mine as well, our relationship in the “Know” has left much to be desired. As a matter of fact you have turned your Spiritual Backs to me seeking things in the world of Illusion to satiate that which you always possess within”. Many nights and Days i have cried for you. Yes, i am that dull ache you feel deep within your Soul for completion. Yes, i am that longing for “Home” your heart so often speaks of. Though i am gladdened when you connect with each other in the Heart Zone, i need you to know that there is so much more that you need to remember. You take on burdens and you call that life. You have allowed your Celestial Mind to be enslaved to this slow and dense vibration and somehow you have come to enjoy it. That deluded aspect of illusion and ether you now identify as “Self” is but a wisping Shadow of your Greater Being. Remember Shadows are but evidence of Light . . . but they are NOT LIGHT !!! You in your essence was created from, by and for light . . . be that which you are. Radiate. In truth, there is nothing that can contain your possibilities . . . except your own Divine Consciousness, and with that you have done a masterful job. It is time for you to let go and let your Source Creativity come and enliven the Soul Dreams you held secret for all these eons. You are as the Stars in the Heaven, and i pray that you come to the realization that you are the Light of the Cosmos as are your Brethren you witness in the Night Sky. They have always been there to light your path back to your True Dreams. We all, your Cosmic Family have been waiting for you to embrace your “Knowing and Is-ness” again. We ask you to believe and have Faith in your Soul Path. Find your Rest in Me. I know you . . .and you know me and your name is . . . . Yes, i am your Bliss you seek, and i know your name.””



© 24 March 2011  : William S. Peters, Sr.

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