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    Breathing Lessons Rhymed

How to heal? It’s all within you

You make it real when you begin to

Breathe more consciously

Small beginnings grow great trees

Saplings, limbs, flowing with ease

From breath to breath, sweet release

in the wind your choice of destinies

oxygen was made to please

preventive measure against disease

like inflammatories, or suppository stories

little stones lurking in the bladders and the kidneys

This is a student-teacher class alliance

Forget the rest, here’s the guidance:

Lay on your bed, sink your back in

A little music in the background, not too distracting

Or sit up in a chair, comfortable, relax your back

Lips part open, let your jaw hang slack

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Ten quick little gasps at the upper chest

Then one big full one … then rest

A lot of you who have had enough of the sin scale

now take the time to find your exhale and inhale

This beat is fast, but there’s plenty of space

For you to slow your breath down

to a methodical pace

Long, deep, until you know

There’s no pain in relaxing

Tho you may hear your heart race

Breathing through your nostrils

will be calming ………..

Straight through the mouth

a little more disarming …

Either way you want to keep it uninterrupted

Or perhaps a sacred pause, just be aware of how you’ve sculpted

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Loosen your feet, breathe from the core in

flex the toes, everything warming

Let them flop out, fully informing

the relaxation, and then the attention

Present moment only a mention

mind may drift, feeling lingers

This time breathe into the fingers

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

I’m working now with a gentle approach

Telling you how ‘cos I’m your breathing coach

There is no struggle or fear in this cleansing breath

Wish I could have tried it with Lady Macbeth

It’s tingly and light near all the edges of my flesh

Nothing is arrested, its easy and fresh

It looks too easy to be true,

 but it’s not too easy,

              Graceful if you

Relax enough to not force yourself to breathe hard

Breath will reconnect when you let it go on the discharge

Breathe energy healing force into every cell

Guide it down to the gastrointestinal

or to the top of your head, your infant fontanelle

Feel the organs contract,  then the organs swell

Exhale through the body, inch by inch

And when you catch your breath, notice how you flinch

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

We don’t need a diagram in our lesson plan

Just feel below your ribs:

touch the diaphragm

Elastic muscle

thin and wide

Pushes out all

the carbon dioxide 

Because what festers inside

Makes a gas miasma

Predisposing you to asthma

Other systems relate to the respiratory

Endocrine, immune, circulatory

like interlocking chapters in an epic story

of the body and mind in a spiritual glory

Respiratory and the cardiovascular

getting to know, so when they ask you who you are

you can take it back clear to the tribes of Abraham

elevated physical, spoken from the diaphragm

Some say it may be good enough to breathe unconsciously

Yet old patterns stay the same


So keep on learning

Slow or fast

Your breath is with you

Built to last

A dozen little systems

Breathing for themselves

while you’re dealing and doing

we’re all made up of cells!

Take a deep one to your liver

And exhale one up to your brains

Breath always will deliver

Whatever it sustains

And remember, bye and bye

When you need to let out a sigh


Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Breathing Lessons Rhymed

Intercostals primed

Coordinated, timed

Breathing rhythms

Lessons rhymed

Breathing time defined

                                                                                                                           John Savlove 

                                                                                          SaveLove Music

                                                                                      (begun)  October 2017

                                                             honed straight thru to twothousandtwentytwo

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