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Depression - Part 5 By Sri.Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji

Dear All,

Good evening to all of you and have a divine blessed day ahead.

Depression contd…

The previous article titled 'DEPRESSION' have had tremendous reception. In this connection, many have raised a lot of queries and sought suggestions/guidance to come out of depression.

To feel low in spirit quite often or to get highly excited is a sign of depression.

(Psychiatrists term it as 'manic depressive psychosis') Such people cannot tolerate others being happy when they are in low spirit and others feeling low when they are happy. At such times they become a real nuisance to those around. They expect others to dance to their tune.

It is quite common amongst these people to resolve to observe a fast, a vow of silence, to avoid television, etc. only to break them as soon as resolved. Yet they make such resolutions quite frequently. At times they believe that they are capable of performing even impossible tasks (psychiatrically known as 'Mood congruent delusion of physical strength') while at other times they slump into deep inferiority complex. Their moods alternate between such extremes. Such people are loquacious.

People in depression tend to draw illogical, foolish conclusions from day-to-day happenings. For example, they would relate a bad day to seeing a particular person on waking up or a good day to wearing a particular person's shirt. Thus, they get caught in a whirlpool of imagination and are unable to get out of it. When such people enter spiritual life one can well imagine their situation. Life histories of great saints and incarnations speak of their extraordinary nature. When depressed people read such life histories they tend to believe that they, too, have a lot in common with such incarnations.

They tend to think that they know what is happening and what would happen to them. They interpret natural events to suit their mental make-up. For instance, if they miss a bus while going to an interview they immediately conclude that they would not get the job. Herein, it is but natural, that a doubt arises regarding the rationale behind our belief in astrology as described by our scriptures.

Generally, depressed people hold on to one particular subject. For instance, if in their office their boss likes another person, they get obsessed with it. Their inability to do certain things due to fear or doubt may depress them. The list of things that would precipitate depression in a person is endless. So, ways and means of overcoming this state of mind may now be discussed.

!!! Will continue !!!

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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