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There are two kinds of peace in this world. There is one piece that is a formula. And there is one peace that has to be felt. The formula peace many people have. Some say 'i have peace. I've got a good family, I've got a good job, I've got a good house, so I am happy. I am fine.'

Ask a rich person, 'Do you have peace?' they say ' yes.. i have this i have that I have peace and i am ok.'

If you ask a monk,'Do you have peace?' they say 'yes i have peace because i do not have this and i do not have that.'

This is all the peace of formulas. Everybody has formula peace. And there is constant war because formula peace does not bring peace.

Even if you take a picture of the sun, you cannot pull it out at night and expect it to light your house. The picture of the sun does not produce light. The sun does.

Conceived peace is just like that picture of the sun. People talk and read about peace, which is good. but at some point in time, you have to know it.. you have to feel it.

If you want real peace it has to be felt.. not once but every day of your life. You need to be able to turn inside every day and feel the joy, the beauty, the serenity in your life. Everyday.


 'Prem Rawat'



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Comment by desmond dillon on June 26, 2015 at 5:37pm

hi Nicholas i am always asked when people find out i am a pacifist what would i do if....

My answer is always the same. Hypothetical scenes cannot be answered in reality until they become real. I am thankful for my life today. Nobody i know is trying to kill me. Although there are many that seek to terrify me i will not be terrified since the ' rod and staff comforts me.'    i cannot deny that governments kill the people. They are anti-life and will if they can kill all life. Those of us that appreciate life must continue to do so as much as we can.

Comment by Nicholas Truske on June 26, 2015 at 3:39pm

this helps me to understand more - thank you . .. so it seems to Feel peace while the wars happen around us & to Feel peace while we are attacked by the bullies ? . . . I wonder tho . . . anger is such an empowering emotion designed to protect our lives . .. in survival . .. do we just peacefully let them kill us ? Doesn't this just encourage more aggressive killers ?

seems to me facing the problems directly & dealing with them with a relaxed focus helps me now . .. while at least temporarily I am not currently being physically attacked.

Here is one issue of concern tho - why is it governments kill so many people ? what are the motives behind all this government violence ?

In the 20th century, the greatest unnatural killer of human beings was not plague, cancer, or accidents. It was democide: death by government.

Governments murdered more people in the last 100-plus years than any other killer in existence on record. Statistics vary between 250 and 300 million dead depending on the source, but these counts typically only include civilian casualties and are underestimated. With military deaths added, the numbers soar much, much higher.

The death toll is so big, the horrifying devastation is hard to fathom. The list of serial killing governments goes on and on. For more statistics on governments murdering their citizenry, visit the University of Hawaii’s democide webpage.

Comment by Ana on June 26, 2015 at 1:14pm

Sorry: I wrote Wright and I meant "right"

Comment by Ana on June 26, 2015 at 1:13pm

Prem Rawat is Wright on what he says. I consider this reflection could be applied to the Word "love" too. It happens that we speak about love, say I love you and so on but the lbel of love will not bring LOVE to our lives and souls...

Kind regards


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