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Hello to all friends! It was 2 months ago today that OVI published my LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS volume one as a free ebook download. In this brief 2 months there have been 30,000 downloads. If one of those is yours, thank you and a sincere wish that you and the book have made a healing and creative bond. If not yet: when? Below is a link. Presently, let me share a composition from the book as both invitation and enticement to read more. After all, it is about the Earth, the present & future, and it’s free!


Awaken, o my beloved: rise up and do not be afraid. Find peace in affirmation of life and the gentle strength of abiding with this Earth. Suffering cannot be avoided. Ignorance invites the storms of cleansing. And there is a fire in the heart of creation that lives and longs to grow.

You have chosen the path of purity; although it is not possible to always be pure. Still you come walking in humility and courage. And Earth is everywhere an honest place, welcoming footsteps and the passage-touch of honesty.

Tell me this, as you meditate in warmth of the sun, feeling aware of home ground below you: How often are your cares and worries overcome by the desire of embrace? How often does a song inscribed with your signature issue like a warbling bird from your throat? And o my beloved, how often does the alchemy of love work its miracle in your body and soul, changing the poetry of silent atonement into the pulse beats of dance?

What’s that? You say you are not a dancer? Not so! For you have told me you are in love and this confession candles like a star from your heart.

See—I can see you. That is why I am holding out both hands and whispering into the circus music of the wind: Be done with fear. Change too is but a force breaking into patterns. Be afflicted with laughter. That is a bellyache that heals. And when the lightning strikes, tell thunder you are in search of freedom.

Everything that is, even the slowest stone, is in pilgrimage and adding—a breath or drop or grain, or leaf or feather—to the prayer of liberation.

This that I am saying for you now is a truth, which I keep finding, soft, in a green stem or silhouette of bird, or woven florescent into the humming intercourse of ocean with the shore. If there was not forever a child within us, would we not turn old as fossils and forget the moving radiance of beauty and joy? from

LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS, volume one; free ebook download awaits you: . If it speaks to you, play it forward, sharing the link.

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