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FROM FACEBOOK : Krishna said" Why dont you ask a question dear nari , the answer to which would be The Death to All Questions ? " and smiled .

Nagarathna Balaji :

Is there any soul concept...? then what would happen with that soul after death or where is that soul before death...? And what is the quantity of souls...? And what happens if a person is cloned as he is....? Then from where do arrive exactly same soul...? And what happens with soul when someone goes in coma for so many years...? 

 Narinder Bhandari :VOWWW !  WHAT A SPATE OF QUESTIONS ! 

 TRUTH that frees you from all Ignorance with ONE stroke of 'Knowing' is NOT a concept. Is NOT memory and imagination . Is NOT a thought at all ! 

 It is just a discovery of what you always have been, you are , and can NOT not-be. 

This Knowing of the Deathless change-less-ness in the self that eats up all the questions that the changing body-mind entity keeps manufacturing every Moment , for its perpetuation ( of Ego).

 The Ego needs this food of concepts for its survival (Qs and Answers). 

 narinder has liked the Blog on your Wall. " The Body Remembers All." 

 Why did you find it interesting ? Everyone does not. Apparently, your Mind ( soul) has its own syllabus of Life, wherein it likes the Ancient Knowledge ... the Dharma , which has always been beyond the Mind , which is the Very Source of all concepts and conditionings , and the Very creations of the Universe. 

 narinder can give you the answer to each question you have asked . It will be a mumbo-jumbo of more concepts and conditionings, of thoughts and Philosophies, with NO proof of being Really the unchanging-ness , which is Death to all such questions, which are nought but entertainment of a insatiable mind. 

 BUT , he considers it a meaningless exercise. 

 Maharishi Ramana would only have smiled at nagu smile ... and said " Before I answer these questions, find out who is asking these questions. Come to me after that. " 

Ah, dear One , "when the self is known , all is known " . Would you like to waste Time and Energy on un-necessary Variants ?  

Bless you .


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Comment by Béatrice LATEUR LACROIX on November 25, 2011 at 12:39pm

There are many pathes to discover the mystery of Life and Faith.

The journey is the goal ...

Love and Peace for all Beings

Comment by Joseph EagleBear Verrett on November 25, 2011 at 11:53am

Well stated, and good understanding with your way of expressing truth...

may all that come here, have open eyes and evena greater desire to learn as well as teach and share.

Blessings brother for you time, be safe and at peace...EagleBear

Comment by narinder bhandari on November 25, 2011 at 5:24am

Thank you Rev. Joseph Verrett/EagleBear   . . . .

"" yet even deeper is once we have this understanding, are we to continue to move forward, stand still, go to the left or right or just pray to pass over at this time and place?   HMMMM... . . .""

:) t h a t 's    i t !

Aum <3  

Comment by Joseph EagleBear Verrett on November 23, 2011 at 6:50pm

Very deep, yet so simple to understand, if only we make the decision to listen, learn, question, gain the wisdom needed to speak out to All that desire to listen and once done, you must be able to Teach those that know not, yet even deeper is once we have this understanding, are we to continue to move forward, stand still, go to the left or right or just pray to pass over at this time and place?   HMMMM...blessings EagleBear 

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