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Getting out of my Way

wait a minute . . . That simple statement seems to epitomize a substantial portion of many of our lives. Wait a Minute!

When the spirit of the thought of this write came upon my spirit, i had things i wished to do first. I instinctively knew that if i did not heed the call and record it in this moment, that flavor of insight (perhaps) would become stale. However, it was past my lunch time, and i went on to dish up some “yummy” left-overs and proceeded to put them into the Microwave to satisfy my perceived hunger . . .right ! Well here i sit now at the Computer attempting to recover that original flavor with my hot food becoming cold suiting here beside me tempting me to put off the spirit. No, No, can’t do it !

“Getting out of the Way” I do not know how appropriate the title is for what i wish to say, or what comes to me, but i shall relate it any way. Hopefully, “i” can get out of the way!

Over the years, much has been said about following the “Spirit”. Ancient Civilizations were probably much more attuned to this Medium of Information than we are these days, generally. I say “Generally, for i do know there are those who are in alignment with the whisperings from that “Known / Unknown” Realm of existence. I believe it is the same force that tells the Flower when to Bloom, the Fruit when to Bear and even the Animal Kingdom when impending doom is on it’s way! I feel the same way when it comes to my writing, which i like to call expressions . . . “ex-pressions”. When i hear that call, or better yet, get that feeling, i know it is time for me to “Get out of my way” and seek that “Silence” and “Stillness” and simply “Allow”.

Now, i did say “feel”. Pretty much, that is what does happen . . it may be a thought, but i feel the thought in the core of my being. It starts to tinkle like some proverbial bell in to my consciousness, and it will become more pronounced until i answer it . . .or it becomes tired of calling me. I was speaking with a Dear Friend this morning about such callings, and we shared the story about that Lady on the Roof Top during the Flood . . .you have heard the story before . . . well, if not, it simply was a lady during a flood who was a faith based individual. During the Flood a Boat came by to offer her a ride of which she refused because she was waiting on God to Save her. A helicopter came by and also offered to transport her to safety and again her reply was she was waiting on God. Needless to say, she drowned and when she arrived in “Heaven” she questioned God and His simple reply was, “i sent you a Boat, I sent you a Helicopter. Funny, this parable speaks volumes for us to consider. I do not see it simply about Faith. Some times, what we believe to be our Faith, does get in the way of the God given Common Sense we were endowed with. We induce our “Self” to believe that we are being “Faithful”, but are we being “Obedient”? Good question bill! Many times what we believe is being “Faithful” is an emotion we have convinced our “Self” to embrace. Many times the Voice of Creation and our Creator is speaking through us, whispering the choices we must make, take and forsake, and we do not listen. Call it instinct or whatever you wish. I think, we have forgotten how to listen. Perhaps not forgotten, but we are definitely out of practice.

Back to the Topic . . .sorry, did not intend to become “Preachy” . . ((((~;

“Getting out of my way” Yes, i do think the title did come about nicely. When i reflect on the genesis of this article, i realize that ii got out of the way. Though my food is now cold, it still will satisfy that old “perceived” hunger i had . . .which incidentally has subsided. I have fed something far greater than my “Belly” . . .i have fed my spirit simply by listening. Hopefully it will resonate with someone else as well. My final personal elucidation would simply be, that we do not delude our “Self” into believing that what we wish for to be true is supported by “Faith” . . for as that Woman on the Roof, if our “Faith” is correctly aligned to the Spirit of Our Creator who loves us most, we will hear the whisperings, just as He / She does for all of Creation. But first . . . we must Get our “Self” of the way.

Blessings to you


ps . . . the food is still at Room Temperature . . . so it’ll do . . .(((~;

(c) 2010 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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