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Among the products produced by the tireless efforts of the working bees, we find these three main contributions. These little friends of nature (and health) have given us for thousands of years some of therich foods, nutritious and valuable of all: honey, propolis and pollen.


The nectar that bees collect from flowers and plants in the field results in a delicious and nutritious honey full of properties and health benefits . The bees do work for a pound of honey is very admirable because they need to do about two and a half million trips just to get this amount.

According to anthropologists, the man used honey to cure abscesses, wounds and as an essential food for the high energy provided to them. Pure honey is one to which no pollen is removed and has not been processed. It is important for quality honey, the combs are clear of pollution and pesticides. As a rule in the pure honey not grow germs , so it is used to treat infections, small wounds and abscesses.

Honey is composed mainly of 16 types of sugar predigested food that make it a very noble, easy to assimilate and fast action in the body, exceeding many food to energy.


• The brain tonic because it is rich in iron, sodium and phosphoric acid, an essential ingredient for nerve cells.

• food is full of life helps to revive, maintain youthful function and organ

• Destroy toxins without damaging the kidneys and tissues.

• Promotes cell regeneration and it is widely used in cosmetics such as creams, soaps and masks to banish wrinkles and nourish and refresh your skin. Also found in many shampoos because it is a wonderful nutrient for the hair roots.

• The color of honey depends on the location and type of flowers from which it is extracted.

• It is an ideal resource antibiotic and germicide

• Excellent remedy for wounds and cuts

• Very helpful for the optimal development of children and adolescents. Highly recommended for older adults.

• Assistant ideal in the treatment of anemia, fatigue, infections, some cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.

• Help to alleviate hunger and tiredness , strengthens the immune system and relieve certain illnesses like the flu, cough, runny nose. It is a great source of energy , is easily absorbed through the stomach and has laxative and tranquilizers

• Honey is rich in sulfur, copper, phosphorus, biotin, manganese, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, potassium, calcium.


Among those things that brings the work of the bees is the propolis . This wonderful resinous substance is the defense system (immune) of plants such as trees and shrubs. The bees collect the resin and transformed to disinfect and purify the hive , for sealing cracks and embalming intruders (small insects) that can not drive because of its size. Propolis is a substance that ensures full aseptic environment of the hive, which is a veritable breeding ground for viruses and bacteria due to temperature and humidity is kept at the home of bees.

Propolis is rich in bioflavonoids and essential oils , plus a large amount of trace elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Has an antibiotic action that fights viruses and bacteria activity, the hives are one of the most barren places of nature. Because of its composition and properties is usually one of the most effective natural remedies to combat respiratory illnesses, increase the body's defenses , invigorate organ systems, fight infections of all kinds. You know more than 20 properties , among which include:

It is an antibacterial substance, anticholesterolaemic, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiallergic, analgesic, anesthetic, antiviral, deodorant, etc..
The virtues of propolis contribute to the healing of anemic, prevent arteriosclerosis, weakness, infections and increase the body's immune capacity.
We are truly remarkable and medicinal uses in the circulatory, respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermatology.
So far no side effects were detected in any case.

If honey and propolis are special food and medicine, pollen is not far behind. It is an excellent source of energy and vitality , a food invigorating, purifying , (it is said to consume frequently experience a strong desire to live.) Pollen is, as the two previous food, a natural antibiotic, regulator of red blood cells or white blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood. It is said that human beings can survive in lean times with 20 grams of pollen per day. It is high in protein (36%), contains 30% minerals, vitamins and natural fats important.

Among the uses of pollen found the following:

• regulates appetite, the proper functioning of the intestines. Combat diarrhea, constipation and improves digestion.

• Eliminates fatigue, exhaustion and brain cells.

• Ideal for treating allergies

• Regulates blood pressure, glandular system

• is ideal for athletes, as well as energy and volume gives rise to muscles and repair tissues and organs.

Pollen contains:

Provitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, D, E and H. Contains key amino acids and minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, copper, aluminum, magnesium, etc.

This article was published on Monday, December 10, 2007.

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