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Inner Transformation Series – 3 - The Secret to Dharma - Part 2

Dear All,

Contd from last part...

When we understand the subtle aspect of dharma do we understand why we should be good, why we should not lie, why we should not appropriate others' wealth, why we should not look at another man's wife with lust,
and so on. It is simply because we don't want all of this to happen to us!

If you want others to love you, love others.

If you want others to help you always, you have to help others.

If you don't want others to be jealous, you should not be jealous of others.

How simple it is!

Once a Saint (sadhu) came to a village. He preached tolerance and implored people to practice patience. A man in the crowd could not understand the saint's lecture as his dialect was a little different from that of the villagers.

He went up to the sadhu and asked, "Swami! What did you say?"

The sadhu replied "I asked everyone to be patient and not get angry."
Immediately the man asked, "Sir, do you never get angry?"

The sadhu replied with a smile, "No, I never get angry."

The sadhu continued his lecture while the villager sat drowned in his own thoughts. Noticing the lost look of villager, the sadhu asked him if he had any doubt.

The villager replied, "Yes, just one doubt. Don't you ever really get angry?"

The sadhu said, "No".

The villager was back his own world of thoughts. Finding the villager inattentive again, the sadhu asked, "Are you listening to my talk or not?"

The villager replied, "No sir. It's mind boggling! Don't you EVER really get angry?"

Now the sadhu's face reddened and he shouted, "How many times did I tell you! Of course I don’t get angry. Why are you irritating me by asking the same thing again and again?"

It's not enough to have dharma on our tongues, but it should be in practice too. When we are hungry how thankful we are to the one who provides food. So when we find someone hungry, we should feed them. A
man who feeds the other indeed gives him life. Why should we do charity? When we are suffering, don't we yearn for help? Thus we should understand the pain and wish to wipe other's suffering and tears. When
we are desperate to understand something, how we yearn that someone would explain it to us. Hence we should share our knowledge with others.

Dharma is simple if we remember the basic premise. If we remember the subtle aspect of dharma discussed here, each one of us can truly experience inner transformation and become a dharmatma.

Today, let us observe ourselves. Let us note down how we expect others to treat us. Let us also note how we are treating others. When we do this exercise for a few days, our attitude will change. And when our attitude changes, our entire world will change.

Be the change you want to see.

From a lecture series by Sri M. K. Ramanujamji (, inspired by teachings his Master - H. H. Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. For more details:

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