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Mind - The Key to Life - Part I By Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Dear all,

From time to time, Sri Sri Swamiji has been writing on topics of spiritual significance which are very much relevant in today's context.

If there is one topic that has confounded the smartest of scientists even today, it is most certainly the 'human mind' - An artifact whose nature and working has been studied and researched on since ages, and is continuing till day....

Interestingly, the mind is the key to the treasure-chest called 'life'!

Through this essay, Sri Sri Swamiji demystifies the nature of the mind and explains how one can get the best out of one's life by properly 'minding' the mind!

‘Spirituality, worship of God, etc. are opposed to the changing life style of man and rapid scientific progress,’ appears to be the wide spread opinion. But is this true? Certainly not! With proper understanding one realizes that at all times spirituality has been an inseparable necessity in everyone's life.

Man differs from all other creatures in that he possesses intellect – the sixth sense. All other lives possess one or more of the five senses. Man who enjoys all the five senses – taste, sight, sound, smell and touch – also has the sixth sense of intellect to use these five senses in the best possible way. Man is a combination of body, intellect and mind [feeling].

From the time of conception the growth of the fetus within the mother's womb is carefully observed, using modern equipments. If any disability is detected it is at once set right. As soon as the child is born a specialist checks the visual and hearing ability of the child. The child is vaccinated against tuberculosis, polio, etc. Special care is taken towards the physical health of the child until its fifth year. The child is fed with nutritious food. The child is then admitted into a school in an effort to develop its knowledge. As the child grows up, he/she is
encouraged to take up study of that subject which interests him/her, which would bag him/her a highly paying job and which would give him/her a good standing in the society. Thus, people think the needs of man end with good health and earning scholastic knowledge. But what is the truth?

Man's needs do not end here. This is the simple truth! Well! What is the third need? The indispensable third need is strength of mind. Do you wonder why one should give importance to the state of mind? The most amazing thing in all of God's creation is verily the mind.

Modern scientists, through extensive research into the world perceived externally, have even succeeded in sending Path Finder to the Mars. They have also offered innumerable inventions to facilitate day-to-day life.
Likewise, Philosophers, through their deep rational thinking, have offered philosophies regarding life and society, in a new perspective. These scientific progress and philosophies have been achieved through the intellect. But the power of mind is far beyond these.

There are people who have earned the power of concentration and strengthened their minds. With this strengthened mind they have been able to control the minds of others, through mesmerism and hypnotism.
Further, there are people who, through the power of their mind, stop the clock, control animals, bend iron rods, move articles, etc. Just as a physically strong man controls the physically weak, so too, does a man of strong mind control the weak minded man and makes him dance to his tune. All these are achieved through the power of mind.

We take care to maintain good health and develop our intellect. But greater care should be given to the mind because good physical health and intellect become useless if a man is mentally afflicted. A man who is blind can use his other faculties to run his life. A man of low intelligence can run his life through physical labor. Is not Beethoven acclaimed as one of the best music directors in the world though he began to lose his power of hearing even while still young? Has not Stephan Hawking turned into a great scientist of the world while unable
to even move his fingers due to a dreaded disease? But a mentally afflicted man is unable to perform any work be he of strongest body, highest intellect and wealthiest in the world. From this, one should understand the importance to be given to the mind.

There have been several occasions when a young man has been brought to me. He would be very handsome. He would have gone abroad for higher education and come out in flying colors; [but] His mother would tell me,
“He is refusing to take up employment. He is afraid of everything. He hesitates to do any work. He seems worn out physically. He keeps lying on bed. He has lost his self-confidence.”

Even in this condition people, failing to understand the third need of man, try out some mantra or tantra, wrongly diagnosing his state as the work of some evil spirit. Thus, they weaken him further and push him to a state of no-return.

Even in the initial stage, the person afflicted mentally can himself comprehend his state. But he avoids consulting a psychiatrist for fear of being labeled as insane or ostracized by the society. As a result, his condition worsens and later, others are compelled to take him to a psychiatrist. Further, those who are ignorant about modern medical facilities would advise [wrongly] on the negative effects of medicines.
There are people who fear approaching a psychiatrist for this very reason. Thus, under this condition the treatment and the time taken for progress would certainly be long drawn. And, cure is delayed.

We should understand that just as the body suffers from small troubles like headache, cold, etc. to more serious ones like cancer, kidney failure, etc., so too, does the mind suffer from ill health.

!!! Will Continue !!!

Regards & Chant The Maha mantra:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare


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Comment by Eva Libre on November 17, 2010 at 7:24pm
Here again, I feel personally touched.

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