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my inner child


oh for so many years my inner child

has been yearning to be free

as it is discerning

why i will not let him come out to play

and i still feel this fire burning inside

while my inner child hides

behind the curtain of fear


and many a tear has been shed

and my inner child has bled

his hopes for salvation from himself


to be free

from the delusions

i embraced

and my divinity is defaced



the truth of it all

though my inner child

has perhaps fallen

it still hears the calling

of God

to trust

and come out

to the Gardens of life

and play

what do you say

won’t you come out and play with me


i remember when all of me was a young child

before i was defiled by my thoughts and doubts

we danced and sang

with smiles and laughter

like all there ever was

was the happily hereafter


has the last song been sung yet

i say thee nay

for it is time for us to play again

my friend

to rend the curtains

that cloaks us from our better selves

our truths

for certain

for many an inner child

like you and i

still does cry inside

and they are hurting

for love

so love them


to be nurtured in the light

of our holy

we must boldly step out into the sunshine

once again

and shine like the Sons and Daughters we are

we have come too far

to let go of the dream of eternity now


and though it may seem

dismal at times

remember that this Creation is perfect

and we are the prefects

of our existence

and where there is resistance

we must be insistent

and claim our heritage

not tomorrow or some distant age

but right now

are you with me

Father has gifted me and you

that we may

what do you say


we can not wait for some rapture

to capture our better self

we must reach out

and extricate all of our doubt

and teach each other

thy sister and thy brother


yes we must

honor our Fathers and our Mothers

we must trust

that within each of us

there is something greater than this world


we must open our eyes

and realize

that we are powerful

and there are no limitations


for within us lives


my inner child



(c) 23 January 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.

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