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you bathed me as your dreams
clothed me weaving your fears

taught me the art of balancing life
with soft rotis & hard tight slaps

when words eluded my worldview
your lovely eyes became the voice

years have rolled like mist & fog
yet crisp as the dawn is still YOU

‘times i wonder, do i truly love you
specially when you talk to plants

everytime a bird or butterfly peeps
i die seeing your childish squeaks!

You told always that i am my name
YET not name, fame, game & dame

Said that the divinity of mankind
defines both the man & the GOD

To say that you are my “Adi Guru”
is like showing a candle to the Sun

showed me how to embrace death
& bring forth life, “I LOVE YOU, mummy”


It is always a fallen fruit that the mother gives womb to readily, how else will the seed nourish. Yesterday’s failure showed me my limitations, todays dawn gives me the opportunity to renew my vigour with experience as my rearview mirror, enthusiasm as my nature and purpose in the foresight.

The winds whisper a daily prayer as i wake up:
when will you sprout & surface… the stars are wondering & the moon is complaining… the sun is doing a severe penance to know why a seed forgot to say hi!

…now my days are nights & nights nightmares
oh seed sprout plz …

chants of yester years have tuned into plants
the answer is no longer in the winds alone

the rain washes the earth renew in breath
The pregnant clouds kiss the hill tops too

time to lay down the ego at the alter of self
sow seeds in a prayerful manner & bow out

Warm self in the company of one family
reaping the fruits in turns till the Garden IS, Ha!

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Comment by Ramsai Karri on May 5, 2016 at 6:50am

Thank You Dillon Sir!

Comment by desmond dillon on May 4, 2016 at 12:09pm


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