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Say no to violence and non-respect on the issue of international women's day


Special times call for special action. If we have the possibility to spread humanity to the world, to the politicians who have the power then let’s use our strong voice of every human activist to change something. Education in respect for every life, nature, religion is the basic for non-violence and peace. If we respect others and ourselves then we cannot harm anybody. Respect is love. If we respect the opposite we cannot slap him/her. If we respect the nature, our globe then we cannot pollute the nature. If we respect every religion then we cannot discriminate any other thinking or believe. Discrimination is non-respect is violent and the absence of peace. What is respect? Respect is ahimsa, tolerance, understanding, and acceptance for the difference of others. Per definition there are two kinds of respect we learn during our childhood. The first one: appraisal respect which we earn and can lose. The second one: recognition respect which is the respectful habit with each other. To learn what is respect is a difficult way we have to walk on. A respectful life is the basic for humanity, using everybody’s positive resources. But respect is also the critical view to the world how she is now and decide what is right or wrong but with tolerance and attention. When we open the daily magazines every morning, have a look to internet news or listen to radio we always see, read or listen non-respect action in our society. The basic respect for life is missing in our modern times. The world wide respect, the fundamental respect is lost due to concentration of more wealth, fame, power, politics and business. In our daily life we can train to be respectful with our surroundings very easily. It does not matter if well educated, studied or not visit any class; all of us are able to re-energize this world-wide-respect for every single plant, creature, human being, religion. Only then we can see peace in this world. Respect means: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We have to encourage raising awareness and educating younger people, as they represent our future. It seems difficult to alert teenagers to the reality of capital punishment, especially when living in a country where it has been abolished. International human rights treaties forbid the use of capital punishment for all those under 18 at the time of the crime of which they are accused. I increasingly admire abolitionists, especially those who live in countries without capital punishment. What have they to gain from entering this battle? Why does it matter to them that, somewhere far away, in Texas or in China, human beings are locked up and treated worse than animals before being executed? Why do they spend some much time, so much energy, so much money, to save these men and women? Why do they tirelessly write to US governors before an execution, pleading for mercy? Why do they vote in polls and sign petitions against capital punishment in Ohio or in Saudi Arabia? I guess each and every one of us has specific and personal reasons. Hopefully it has to do with the conviction of being connected to other human beings, people we may never meet, but who also live on the same planet and who breathe the same air. Hopefully it has to do with empathy, understanding and sharing the feelings of another or even sometimes with sympathy, to suffer with another. I don’t think we have something more that other human beings. Maybe we let empathy speak louder in ourselves. It doesn’t take much to get in the fight: once you have signed a petition, you have shown your human side. Furthermore, it is vital for us all to have access to information and education about capital punishment. Most of the time when you clearly explain why capital punishment should be abolished, you open the eyes and the heart of potentially new supporters. Teaching abolition helps recruit new abolitionists, who sometimes have nothing to do with countries where poverty and misery take place. They are the new freedom soldiers, they need to be trained and respected too. I guess belonging to a group has its importance from time to time in life. Sharing an identity and common beliefs makes us feel recognized. Acting together strengthens us and increases our impact. In the case of peaceful activism, it is of the utmost importance to feel the support of the group, of like-minded individuals. Sometimes, the activist feels utterly lonely. You feel as though you are screaming in the desert of passiveness and none hears, none replies, none reacts. Slowly your friends start to think that you really are doing a bit too much fuss about these poverty, injustice, discrimination and misery, that all you can think or speak of is related to human rights. And wouldn’t it be better to simply just ignore these topics and focus on lovely things? Sorry. Once you have begun seeing injustice around you, once you have begun feeling that something should be done, it is hard – if not impossible – to ignore the flaws of the world we live in.

Not only do I see the beauties and the flaws of the world around me, but I also see the connections between issues such as poverty, education, health, human rights, to name but a few. You are slowly drawn to understand other issues than your own, and this, in turn, makes your experience of your own reality much sharper.

But we know that capital punishment is a symptom of a culture of violence. Money for death, not for life!
We are all connected you see. We are all connected even if you don’t see that we are. Each one of you can make a difference. The answer is love and compassion, for all humanity.

Be free of dread
Be free of poverty and misery,
All creatures of this world should be free.
They should keep peace in their heart.
Reconciliation is our desire for our and the future generations.
We should search for a peaceful dialog and act peacefully.
If we start to hate our enemies then we have lost the way to peace.
A changing process is always there,
Day by day, month by month, year by year,
But not always visible like a frozen lake.
We only can see the ice on the top of the lake and guess that everything down under is dead,
But this is not true.
Under the ice there is lots of life.
Faith and courage go hand in hand the same way.
We should change any myth into reality. Myths are fairytales which are passing from generation to generation and can help to explain traditions. But we cannot live in the past or in the future. We only can live now in the reality.

The result of non-respect is the daily violence between single people, nations, religions nature catastrophes and pollution of our earth.

Many people find words of sorry why so many people harm, insult, discriminate and kill. But less act strong and self-confident just to say STOP, NO.

Humanity, a grassroots movement whose purpose is to awaken the World to Oneness, has created a history-changing. We should establish a day each year in which the world unites in Oneness for the greater good of the Human Family. We are born to live our life useful, valuable and with full sense.

In few days the whole world recognizes and celebrates the International women’s day. In many countries it seems the woman is free, can decide for her own pleasure, can plan her life with full tension without punishment of the society. But also in other countries women are definitely not free in own decision, living style, she depends on husband, family, society because of the cultural traditions, religious rules, society norms and prejudice of the so called weak gender. But all over the world women and girls are suffering from violence, physical and mental which is sometimes visible but mostly top secret when it’s happen in family surroundings. So why the world is celebrating the international women’s day when this still exists?

"Be yourself. There is something you can do better than any other. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that." From the time we are old enough to face bullies, have cooties and be pushed down for being a girl -we are told to stand up for ourselves. In the time of globalization we have to go with the time, adapt the good things, keep the old good things in mind and develop a mixture of both. For girls and women it could not be the only goal in life to be married and give birth to a child. Man and women must be equal in the society; only like this we can change the bad aspects of globalization into positive aspects. Every human being is like a star in the dark night and only together we can enlighten the darkness otherwise we are no nation and society, no community. Every person man or women, adult or young, black- white or red is blinking for itself but together we are a sea of stars. To forget a single star means to forget what is important. Everybody is a worker, a traveler and has the same dream of happiness, love, success in life, health and a filled stomach.

I’m sure little boys are instructed to “be tough” as well, but as little girls, it’s always stressed to not follow the crowd, stand up for what we believe, and to be who we are against all odds.

And if someone happens to come around, either a 10-year-old boy with freckles who wants to push us around, or our boyfriend who raises a hand to us when we’re sixteen, we know it is our right and our duty to stand up for ourselves and against violence.

However, not every little girl in every country is taught to value herself and to stand up against brutality. These children and women need the help of others to find the right tools and education to live safely and freely.
Together, we can make a difference and help not only ourselves, but women across the globe to have equal rights and security in their homes and countries. Solutions such as, programmes and funds to support local women’s groups, change public attitudes, promote women’s economic empowerment and protect women and girls in humanitarian situations. It happens everywhere – at home and at work, on the streets and in schools, during peacetime and in conflict. Violence against women and girls has far- reaching consequences, harming families and communities, stunting human development, and undermining economic growth. Everyone has a role to play in combating this global pandemic; the time to act together is NOW.

All over the world, people are mobilizing: collecting signatures, holding vigils and reaching out to youth. Through group discussions and dialogue, they reached out to the village elders and the community. Despite strong, initial reluctance to attend events together due to traditional norms, men and women of the villages eventually agreed to watch a theatre performance together. As a result of this initiative, women have started speaking out about their needs. According to organizers, a young girl was even able to avoid a forced marriage. Building knowledge on gender-stereotyping, on the causes, myths and impacts of various forms of violence against women, and on trafficking for commercial and sexual exploitation of women and girls

Developing action plans to implement after the trainings is an important resource for education and awareness. It affirms the centrality of mobilizing religious infrastructures, assets and resources for action in response to violence against women. It includes background information on violence against women that can help people educate them about the issue, as well as enable them to educate others.

We should provide practical resources and tools for people to use their background and moral and spiritual capital to take actions to eliminate violence against women. Sample resources and tools include religious and human principles that condemn violence against women; education and awareness; prevention; advocacy; organizing an inter-religious retreat; support and care; addressing justice: ending impunity; partnering with the media; and monitoring and evaluation. Faith communities and religious leaders can use these tools, unite across faith lines and around the globe to defend and restore the inviolable rights and dignity of women and girls.

While respecting religious differences, religious for peace aligns faith community around the shared concerns that in order to advanced shared security and peace for all, the dignity of women and girls must be protected.
Violence against women considered one of major critical phenomena in the human society; even with great progress of humanity but this phenomenon still exist.

To understand the phenomena included questions about age, marital state, education, family income, jobs, employer, family size, household working, social background and housing of the aggressor and the female victim.

At a meeting, women organizations are expected to make strong recommendations on the central role of women in post-disaster reconstruction and relief efforts, including recognition the differential need of women and girls which must be taken into consideration for humanitarian response and early recovery. They will also stress that it is essential for women’s voices and perspectives to be present in decision making processes and in defining future priorities.

We must empower the victims but not forget the aggressors why they behave violent, why they are aggressive. We can not only act against the symptom we have to treat the cause of violent actions.
I got to know an Indian song where a girl pray to god not is rebirth in her next life due to suffering as girl in her present life. “What you have done this time, oh god; please don’t do it again. Let me be no daughter again in my next life.”

No girl and woman should sing and pray such a wish in any moment, in any place, in any age. Every girl and women even every human being should be proud on what she/he is!

We believe women's rights are centre to peace and centre to human rights. I also believe in working towards peace as human security rather than state security. Human security is a world where people recognize that sustainable peace, human rights, and sustainable development are indivisible parts of global security

Every day, every hour, ongoing and past military offensives have devastating effects on the lives of innocent civilians. Even when countries are at peace,' their populations are terrorized by the after-effects of wars that leave their land and communities war-torn and littered with weapons. As the world grows increasingly militarized, conflicts are prolonged and millions remain trapped in poverty and starvation. Funding for health and education programs that would directly advance gender equality is sidelined to amass stockpiles of deadly weapons.

Action can be taken to prevent further unnecessary tragedies. In cooperation with civil society groups, non-government organizations, activists, and other concerned citizens, we call on world leaders and governing bodies to sign and uphold weapons bans from illegally-traded small arms to nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

On the issue of international women’s day we should stay together united for peace with justice and equality.

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