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Swami Sivananda Proves Existence Of God Through Facts About This Physical Body

Dear All,

Good morning to all of u and have a divine blessed day ahead …..

The insentient engine of a railway train cannot move without a qualified driver. Even so this insentient body-engine cannot move without an intelligent driver, who is God or Ishvar.From the existence of the body you can infer the existence of the hidden driver of the body-engine.

There is display of intelligence in every inch of creation. Who pumps blood into the arteries? Who converts food into chyle and red-coloured blood? Who effects the peristalsis in the bowels and stomach and controls the process of assimilation and elimination. Who shuts the eye lids to prevent dust from falling into the delicate eyes? Who gave intelligence to the cells and glands to secrete milk, bile, saliva, gastric juice, etc., from the blood? Who gave intelligence and power to the spermatozoa to move, unite with the ovum in the womb and develop into a foetus? Where from does this minutest, subtlest substance, Soul (Jiva), as minute as the tiniest grain of sand, derive the capacity to assume gradually the features, complexion and shape of its parents? What is the power which sustains it and helps its growth in the mother’s womb? Who arranges for milk in the mother’s breast before the child is born ?

How wonderful is the human machine? How harmoniously all the organs work in unison in the economy of nature? In Gita this body is known as navadvara-puri or nine-gate city. In summer the skin works energetically to throw off all impurities of the blood and to relieve the kidneys which had over-worked in winter. The endocrine, pituitary, pineal, adrenal glands work in perfect harmony in manufacturing the internal secretions, and the hormones to help the metabolic process of the body, growth and structure.

It is a great marvel to see the working of the nervous system under the control of brain and the movement of the impulses through the spinal cord. There is a magnificent, electric battery inside with switchboard and wires. The operator is Antaryamin (inner ruler, or God) who controls and supervises everything. He is Upadrashta (supervisor), Anumanta (permitter) and Maheswar (the great Lord). Look at the heart and lungs which work under the direct control of the brain. How wonderful are these three vital organs the tripods of life? Can an eminent scientist manufacture any of these organs, tissues, fibres, tendons or cells in his laboratory with his intellects?

How harmoniously the different systems such as the digestive system, circulatory system,nervous system, integumentary system, work without any rest! How beautifully the different centres in the brain such as the vision-centre, authority-centre, centre of smell, etc., do their functions. One is struck with awe and wonder when he begins to think seriously of the structure and working of this delicate human machinery.

To think that this most wonderful mechanism is the result and product of a fortuitous combination of matter or atoms is simply absurd and ridiculous indeed! It has been, doubtless,moulded and fashioned by some architect, who is infinitely more skilful, intelligent and powerful than the ordinary architects who build palaces and bungalows. That architect is God or Ishvar or Creator. Call him by any name. It does not matter much.


Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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