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Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature Review

Here two passages of that wonderful book, which remain in my mind as precious reminder of the OneSoul -  OneLight consciousness. - 

P. 18/19…One happy morning, I began the long-awaited task of demolishing the despised milking yards. It was blissful, but it proved to be a much tougher job than I anticipated. The rails were solidly welded water pipes. Swinging a fourteen-pound sledgehammer, I attacked each joint with eight years of pent-up ferocity, and it did not take long to raise some large blisters on my already-calloused hands. By using around twenty blows per joint, the yard slowly and painfully succumbed. Halfway through I was wiped out. 

As I sat quietly resting, a change of attitude moved through me, precipitated by an incredible thought. If all life is connected, then the animal-, mineral- and vegetable kingdoms are interconnected.  Knowing the cooperation I have experienced with plants and animals, why should metal be so different?  -  

Gradually I surrendered to an inner peace, feeling some oh-so-subtle shift take place within.  Refreshed, I stood up and, grasping the sledgehammer, prepared for another onslaught! - Subtly, so subtly, the words moved easily into my mind. 

Change your attitude. See the metal as living. Respect the material, the form of life. Approach the task with humility. 

It all fit. I felt comfortable with this odd thought, even if I had no more than a surface understanding.  I swung the sledgehammer with little force, my mind on the metal, once — twice — the third blow, and the end of the rail fell away.  Rapidly I moved to the other end and repeated it. Two hours later, the yard was dismantled.  Only then did I feel stunned…and frustrated. I mean, who would ever believe such a thing?

P. 70/71..During my early morning meditation I was shown a physical view of my connection with the plant kingdom when we communicate.  I was standing in a clearing in a light, open forest. I was being guided and instructed by something I knew as the Spirit of the Forest.

- Look now at your hands, your body. - 

Holding my hands before me, I was able to see light radiating from them. It was rather like an aura, but of a quite different energy. I could perceive this light radiating from my whole Being. 

- See now the tree directly before you. - 

The nearest tree was about twenty yards from me. With magnificent dark foliage, it was a tree of a variety unknown to me. However, like me, the tree radiated light, swirling and moving around its trunk and leaves, governed by an unseen power. 

- Reach out to the tree with your awareness. Direct your consciousness to the tree, embracing it with love. - 

Even as I probed with inquiry out to the tree, light leapt from my body, my Being, and in microsecond embraced the tree, uniting and combining with the light energy of the tree. In the linking, I felt the surging Intelligence of Nature welcoming the bond. 

- This demonstrates clearly the spiritual union which takes place.  Each time you project your conscious awareness to a plant or any aspect of Nature's kingdom, thus does your radiance leap forth.  Neither distance nor time may dispel this union.  We have enabled you to witness this truth, that you may more easily cast aside your doubt. Doubt within certain limits can be of value, but when doubt becomes focused and maintained by habit, it may destroy the radiance you have witnessed.

Let your perception widen…and understand. - 

No longer was I united with a tree, but with the whole forest, "one " radiant light.  My perception rose above the forest where I witnessed the collective radiance composed of countless individual lights, united and fused into a single glowing radiance.  Higher, far above the forest, an even greater radiance shone forth. . . and on . . . out and out . . . in and in . . . until, beyond vision or perception, I knew all light converged into a single celestial brilliance.                                                                                                                                   

Now, standing on the lawn beneath its host tree, I was able to look at the Spanish Moss hanging before me, comfortable with the space between us, knowing the connection. - 




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