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Temple and its Prominence – By Sri Sri Muralidhara swamiji

Dear All,

How can our Religion be protected? - By protecting, by supporting three sects of people - the Vedic scholars, the 'archakas'(Temple Priests) and those who narrate the 'Itihasa -Puranas' (the Holy Epics).

'Alayam' (Temple) means 'segarithu vaithal' (to collect), i.e a place where there is a collection of something. God is omnipresent no doubt. Sunlight is found everywhere; yet only when passed through a magnifying glass do the rays get intensified and even burns cotton. Just so, though God is present everywhere not all can see Him. Therefore, the Yogis, the Rishis, through their tapas (Penance), have collected and installed the 'Presence' (Consciousness) in a Temple so that even a layman can perceive Him, can enjoy His blessings.

The structure of a Temple represents the structure of our body. The 'dwajastamba' in the temple represents the spinal cord.

                                        The 'Dwajastamba'

The 'sapta prakaras' (seven corridors around the Sanctum Sanctorum) represent the six 'chakras' and the 'sahasrara' (in the head). The six 'chakras' in our body and the Paramatma in the heart as the seventh are represented through these seven 'prakaras'.

The 'pancha prakaras' (five corridors) represent the five 'kosas' - 'annamaya', 'pranamaya', 'manomaya', 'vijnanamaya' and ‘anandamaya’. 

The 'dwajastamba' represents the spinal cord while the 'sushumna'(channel for the flow of consciousness) is the creeper that entwines it. The sounds made through various instruments in the Temple are the sounds that are produced when the Sushumna rises up.

This place, Nanganallur in Chennai, South of India, is filled with Temples. During the '50s when Maha Periyava (H.H. Sri Chandrashekar Saraswathi Swamiji) came here after his visit to the Madras airport, he happened to spend sometime on the 'pyol' of a house here. During this period this place was just an open field.

Maha Periyava said to those around him, 'this is a place where several Mahans have performed tapas. I have had darshan of them all. Many a Temple is going to come up here.'

Just as he had predicted several Temples have come up in Nanganallur. Here, there is a Temple for almost all Gods - Guruvayurappan, Lakshmi Nrisimhar, Hayagreevar, Karumari Amman, Hanuman, Raja Rajeshwari; there is a Brindavan for Sri Raghavendra swamy, too. This place is actually known as 'Nangai nallur'. Nangai refers to Sita. There is a Temple for Sita devi here.                                   
Regards & Chant the Maha Mantra:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

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