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The Dawning of a Compassionate world:

It's the dawning of a compassionate world.

What looks like tragedy is a great awakening mankind has longed for.

The earth is a living organism.

The mother has been sick for a very long time.

Like any victim of a parasite for generations she is strengthening the immune system.

What looks like a virus is protection for her body.

She has been defiled for far to long.

The blood of innocents has been shed for far to long.

As a world we have had many wars and conquered for material gain.

We have taken the homes from families of innocents and labled ourselves as pioneers.

What is occurring is a cleansing of those former ways.

The young that are being born into the world are going to see that the old ways end.

That it was not the way.

That compassion and reverence are the way.

We have dug up the great mother and spilt her blood for the greed of corporations.

The ancients understood how to live with this great being as though she was a loving and caring mother.

That gave her children all they needed.

They loved and revered her.

Those ways were forgotten in place of greed.

If we go back to this way of reverence for the earth and for each other.

These tragedies will stop.

What seems like sadness will turn to joy.

As it states in the Treasury of Higher Knowledge:

Karma is like a rice grain with it's husk;
likewise it is like a medicine and like a flower.

As Shantideva said:

Previously I have caused harm such as this to sentient beings.

Therefore it is fitting that I, who was harmful to sentient beings, am harmed in this way.

Lastly as the sum of the statement.

From the Ornament of Mahayana Sutra:

Compassion's moisture is loving kindness and it perfectly arises from suffering.

Have hope and realize we are all sharing this great earth together.

With loving kindness,

Tenzin Deva

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