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TIME TRAVEL - from an exercise with Jean Houston

I am given a minute shut my eyes one sightless silent minute now of subjective time time for inner travel time travel for shaman flight…

I enter the world first of breathing breath

goes deep life slows down a leisurely pace breath easily supports sustains I enter the green mist greensward green footpath curving between ancient trees trees of a mythic era glimpsing at the narrow blue haze of far horizon out beyond the pathway clearing and next gardens garden patches amid the forest spread a gentle blending of wild and cultivated the work of nature and work of human and a sweet heady sense a belonging sensibility of being inside the open air alchemical crucible of one particular model of creation too

a feeling without anxiety dread or worry of being looked upon from somewhere or everywhere above but above there is the canopy conjoining of trees reaching across open space to find one another each other brushing branch tips touching rubbing longing to embrace and

small splotches of

blue haze sky mere twinkling of blue skylight further into the wood primeval attuned immersed in processes of mere earthwalking my inner eyes in second naivety childlike begin seeing various groupings of animals emerging from between the tall and bending moss draped sentinels—rabbits deer masked raccoons squirrels wildcats wolves bears—all with their eyes meeting mine asking an unspoken question that travels downward into the human animal soul question of the way of pathos moving ever in wind and wave of creation massaging each and every creaturely heartbeat…and…ah

oh-ah now

I have mystery stepped from forest to an ocean shore shore of the Isle of the Blessed of Tir nan Og easy lapping of waves back and forth over dark sand topped by scattering profuse of smooth white sea pebbles round and hushed as eggs of seafaring birds and here coming along this new found strand at visible distance beautiful women dancing damsels dancing to rhythm waves and winds to inner music muses in slow and elegant ballet-sounds wearing sheer flowing gowns gowns like birds in flight like submarine seals or dolphin’s frolic like wings of eco-psychic butterflies of

teal of mauve scarlet emerald crimson into gold of bathing sun shimmer and royal blue for spiritual elevation elation oh

now my minute stops

the exercise or experiment concludes the play is ended a question articulates smiles floats out how how long is asked was I away into the glimmering how long upon the calendar of meanders did my free soul venture forth and stay to dwell poetically a reach beyond over rainbow’s dreaming arc but

no no no I cannot answer no not

in the language of normal durance measurement resistance no I cannot say of that minute-monument in shuteye silent odyssey along enfolded quavers of time-space continuum the contour changes being more a piece a swatch a color patch even a micro bit of the woven ever weaving tapestry of eternity and

perhaps I can only answer Jean “Once

upon a time” by invitation at your request I traveled time time traveled from out and in my light year body deep into the image ancestry unplugged of evolutionary memory the archetypal energies the higher math of ecstasy edging

like Odelin Redon… timeless

David Sparenberg

3 Aug/10 Aug 2011

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