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Turkish City Cuts Salaries of Abusive Employees

Turkish City Cuts Salaries of Abusive Employees
posted by: Natasha G. 9 hours ago

Turkish City Cuts Salaries of Abusive Employees
I saw this on Care2 and thought you'd like it as well. There are ways to clearly present that abuse in any way to another human being for any reason is a thing of the past.

One city in Turkey has authorized for half of the salaries of six employees to be paid to their wives because of domestic abuse.

Such compensation is authorized under the Family Protection Law, passed in April by the Diyarbakır Centre Sur District Municipality, Turkish Municipalities and the trade union for municipal workers. In addition, if a man is violent more than once, he may be fired.

Deputy Mayor Gülbahar Örmek explains the aim is to empower women economically. "A woman who leaves her home because of domestic violence can go to her father or other relatives with a certain force. Thus, the support for them increases."

A copy of the act was given and explained to the employees' wives. "Some women who were treated violently were ashamed to apply to us so we established contact with them," Örmek revealed.

If the man has more than one wife, the salary and severance pay are given to the wife of the official marriage with the expectation that she will share it with the other wives. This stipulation seems a bit problematic since the compensation will not necessarily be given to the actual victim of abuse, but at least the husband will still suffer the consequences.

The act also rewards employees for sending their daughters to college with a bonus of of TL 100 (approximately $65 USD) provided they present a certificate. Örmek claims the act has received a positive response.

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