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What Is a Warrior?

ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED in hearing the dharma, anyone who is interested in finding out about oneself, and anyone who is interested in practicing meditation is basically a warrior. The approach of cowardice is looking for some tremendous external help, whether it comes from the sky or from the earth. You are afraid of actually seeing yourself; therefore you use spirituality or religion as a seeming way of seeing yourself without looking directly at yourself at all. Basically, when people are embarrassed about themselves, there’s no fearlessness involved. Therefore, anybody who is interested in looking at oneself, finding out about oneself, and practicing on the spot could be regarded as a warrior.


Trungpa, Chogyam; Gimian, Carolyn Rose (2010-10-05). Ocean of Dharma (p. 4). Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition.

Poems by myself, ko shin Bob Hanson, from my new book project with 41 other poets, artists, musicians and one potter, called " Warrior Poets: a path and a task that does not end" It can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle and

The Warrior Poet reads the signs of life

And moves on

There are no road blocks for the warrior poet

Only words and more words, placed together

To unblock any road that seems impossible to thread.

A closing for the warrior poet is an opening….



The Warrior Poet has – stopped the world –.

Stop the world of reason,

stop the world of convention,

stop the world of all   taken for grantedness.


The mystery and the wonder beyond the realm of immediate has broken in.


The warrior poet sees the mystery in everything that is and

feels the same wonder in herself or himself.

The Warrior Poet walks with her own death.

The warrior poet is seeing the face of one’s unique dying.

The warrior poet has chosen the space one will pass. 

The warrior poet has rehearsed the solitary dance of dying and always lives in the presence of one’s death.

Death has become the most trusted companion because dying alone always tells the warrior poet the truth.


For the Warrior Poet the journey never ends.


The warrior poet stands on the razor’s edge between the terror and the wonder of being a human being in these times.

It is a trek that never ends.

One knows there are no goals to attain, or a finish line to cross.

The walk, the Path, the journey itself is the ultimate finish line. 

In dread and fascination, the warrior poet journeys on, with no illusions, forever.


The Warrior Poet

              Does not live for one’s personal history

                The warrior poet is known, seen, heard, through her or his own uniqueness

They live an unrepeatable existence, one time through this life.

                Letting the ego go, the history released, importance surrendered

Letting go of being someone, the warrior poet serves, speaks to the truth, and walks the path.


Thanks for taking time to read, I have been a very inactive member of this wonderful site. Peace for all beings. Warrior Poets!

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Comment by ko shin, Bob Hanson on May 5, 2013 at 9:35pm


the warrior poet understanding is one that comes out of Buddhism, primarily the Shambala tradition. Trungpa, Chogyam is one of the key teachers of this tradition that I know. He founded Naropa University in Bolder CO. The Summer Writing Program, the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics is an event I have attended for a week or two the last three summers. I began my work on this book there. The warrior is one of compassion, justice and peace, not war. You might want to Google his works, they are wonderful.  Thanks for your comment!

Comment by Rosmarie Heusser on May 5, 2013 at 9:26pm

Why warrior poet?! I don't feel like that.  - Everything that has to do with war of any kind is repulsing me. For myself it could simply be for example a (worker-), heart-or light-worker or seeker poet.. - (The power of the words view as Energy) 

Wish You a beautiful day too!  

Comment by mickey morgan on May 3, 2013 at 3:04am

Yes, a warrior with my word hoard, that would be me. ko shin Bob Hanson, your "The Warrior Poet" has much truth in it.



Comment by janice wilson on May 2, 2013 at 10:47pm

yes  and it is also great fun to be a warrior

my contribution

lol   :))))))))))))))))

* Heart Warrior *


Warrior of my heart

I find myself to be


now that I have found and felt

the real beautiful happy me


keeping the unenlightened one away

that also wants to live inside


seems to be my work

and my play everyday


sometimes easy sometimes hard

but always clouds pass , sun shines


the sun of my blissful heart

ultimately sets me free


the more i feel this joy

truely addicted I have become


no greater high than feeling aliveself

breathing with my heart


wise or stupid I seem to be

( wise as an ancient being

stupid enough to get myself killed )

but always wanting to choose


the ultimate feeling in me

greatest pleasure of human life


that place within

where there is no strife


I jump with joy, delight

finding my treasure inside


once in the glorious light

I wonder why I ever listen to the confuser in me


its only benefit seems to be

making me even more thirsty


to embrace truest love gift

married to this I have become


I love this heartfelt bond

that always patiently waits within


the greatest caress of love envelops me

then I dance in ultimate joy of life alive


the greatest miracle of all this seems to be

just knowing heartfelt me


~ Janice Wilson

( i was also a potter  ;)

Comment by Stephen Quinto on May 2, 2013 at 9:31pm

We recently came across 'War' - a truly interesting pairing of symbols - as in 'Raw and Peace', the name of a sweet restaurant in Maleny, nr Noosa Head, Aus.  

Warrior is what I wanted to be as I grew up.....  The defining syllable of it seems to be a 'riff' of the real descriptor: 'lion' ....that it seems to me it wants to be....

The one who is most interesting since it rests firmly astride that one's intention.  Being that all of us are able, one way or another, to complete our intention in reality ....then we become the consequence of that, and all the other, intentions we gathered in our Path. 

Once aspiring to the Sacred Path, then hopefully the world will one day see even me for what I came most to want to be .....a Rainbow Warrior. 

So thank you for your offering and a chance just chat.

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