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Who succeeds in life? and similar questions and beautiful replies from Sri.Muralidhara Swamiji

Dear all,

Good evening to all of u and have a divine blessed day ahead…..

Who succeeds in life?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

The one who loves life succeeds in life.


What is the surest way to know the Creator's purpose for my role having been born as a human being?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

You have now started thinking ‘What is the purpose of my Creation.’ That is the very purpose of Lord’s Creation.


What is the purpose of life?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

The true purpose of life is to realize the Supreme Self.


Every birth has a purpose, how do I discover that purpose apart from the liberation of life. Kindly explain.

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

Whatever you are doing right now will automatically take you to the very purpose of life. You need not set out to explicitly find that.


Why is human life so painful? Is it because of Kali Yuga or because of our Karma?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

When a child is ill, the mother gives medicines to it. The child initially refuses to take the medicine owing to its bitterness. For a moment, the mother diverts the attention of the child through some play. Then again, the mother tries to feed the medicine. The mother will continue to do so, without giving up, until the child takes the medicine completely, wouldn’t she?

In the same way, God gives us sufferings to realize that the state that you live in is not your true state. When the sufferings become unbearable, he distracts you by giving you a sigh of relief. However it continues to trouble
you and will not leave you until you realize your true nature which is the Self. The simplest way towards this goal is by chanting the Mahamantra

Who is God? Where is God?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

The absolute pure consciousness is God. He is within you and He is all-pervading; omnipresent. There are no two things in this world. He alone exists and no body else.


Why has God created us?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

God has created us to find answer to that very question

What is the secret of success in life?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

Staunch faith in God and chanting His Eternal Name together is the secret of success.

I want to have a Sadguru - but Who? When? Where? Who should I choose as my Sadguru?

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji:

The human life is said to be the greatest gift of God. In this life, getting the quest for God and the need for a Sadguru is indeed even more rare. When your quest is real, the Lord will automatically bless you with a Sadguru at the right moment. Until then, keep chanting the Mahamantra constantly, taking the Almighty as your Guru. You will soon be blessed with a guru.

Chant the Mahamantra Nama kirtan :
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
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