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At 11:28am on February 18, 2022, Eva Libre said…

Happy happy Birthday dear Carmen!

Hope you have a wonderful day...

At 10:30pm on February 13, 2022, John Savlove said…

I'll post a blog about it tomorrow, my friend. It's a CD, actually. You're right, there should be at least one book - Collected Journals - no doubt. But the published prose history is just magazine and newspaper stuff, mostly about music.

I have more from the Visionary's Almanac, reckon I should post more of them here, but maybe not @ as I don't consider William Blake or James Brown peaceniks per se. The artist did try to get the lot published - 104 in all - and although he's an award winning illustrator, the project didn't fly. Possibly because my destiny is about all the latter stages of my life?!

At 4:36pm on February 13, 2022, John Savlove said…

Glad you're out of the woods and back online, Carmen! Computer erasures - not volunteered - are no fun. Have a great Valentines Day!

At 6:04pm on January 29, 2022, Hippy said…

 Happy Saturday Hugs always with a Smile, Hippy...

Sharing goodness will always make someone's Day much brighter...

How much Goodness can you Share to Day ?

Have a fantastic weekend for all...

At 5:39pm on January 15, 2022, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Yes... Have a Happy Weekend, Carmen!

At 7:19pm on January 4, 2022, Eva Libre said…

if it still doesn't work, you could set up a new email address? If that's not too much for you?

At 7:07pm on January 4, 2022, Eva Libre said…

i have send you a invitation !!!!

At 7:01pm on January 4, 2022, Eva Libre said…

please Carmen,  try create a new account please. Ning has solved the problem , they say.

At 11:15pm on January 2, 2022, Eva Libre said…

ok Carmen, here's Ning's answer:

We located a technical issue
At the moment it is reported to the Technical Team
They will investigate and fix this for you
We do apologize for all the inconvenience

When the problem is resolved, she can log back in

At 10:32pm on January 2, 2022, Eva Libre said…

Here you are registered with this mail, but I know you had another one on moondance. And Ning wrote you an email, what you have to do, because this email is not registered with moondance.

At 9:06pm on January 2, 2022, Eva Libre said…

you had a different email I can remember

At 9:01pm on January 2, 2022, Eva Libre said…

She should create a new account since there is no account on connected to the email

At 9:00pm on January 2, 2022, Eva Libre said…

was it this e-mail?

Ning has send me this message:

I've sent her a link to reset the password. She should open it and then she can enter a new password

At 8:43pm on January 2, 2022, Eva Libre said…

Carmen, have contacted ning, your account has disappeared, technical problem. Try again, please!

At 8:18pm on January 2, 2022, Luna Arjuna said…

hi Carmen, I can't understand your message. You must have made a mistake about the recipient. 

At 3:09am on January 1, 2022, Eva Libre said…

Happy New Year, Carmen!!

here my invitation for you, dear Carmen, a new site in black, and more kindly...i hope..

At 11:58am on December 30, 2021, bridget orman said…

At 11:55am on December 24, 2021, bridget orman said…

sending you love across the miles for christmas

At 7:03pm on December 23, 2021, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…


Peace on earth! I wish you and your entire family happy holidays. May 2022 be a blessed year!

At 12:37am on November 29, 2021, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

Hi, Carmen

Do you have news from Chris?

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