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At 4:02am on April 9, 2010, Michael J Masiko said…
Got It:
William Adolphe Bouguereau
The Abduction of Psyche

very culturally enriching.
At 4:00am on April 09, 2010, Susan Beran gave Yves Gagné a gift
Thank you so much for the gift of the pink ribbon, I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. Blessings, Susan
At 3:59am on April 9, 2010, Michael J Masiko said…
Great Painting.
Please pardon My ignorance but I must ask You ~
who is the artist.
It is beautiful.
I am flattered.
And did I mention, Thank You?
Well ... Thank You.
At 3:37am on April 9, 2010, Michael J Masiko said…
no problem Yves,
life is about participation.
the trick is a balancing act
and the art of not spreading
compassion too thin.
I am only one man
but as they say:
"the sum is greater then the parts".
this synergy is our legacy.
At 12:28pm on April 6, 2010, Diana Jane Battye said…
Croeso i chi
(welcome to you)
At 2:33pm on April 2, 2010, Eva Libre said…

Easter means crossing

Today is a different day,

A day to feel the light soul

To remember that life is renewed

Much Love and Peace

Happy Easter Day

Big hug


At 9:07pm on April 1, 2010, Eddie Two Hawks said…
Glad you liked it Yves.
It is called a dream catcher or "god's eye". It comes in various styles.

At 2:47pm on March 31, 2010, Eddie Two Hawks said…

At 5:38pm on March 30, 2010, Eva Libre said…

Merci Yves

At 6:06pm on March 26, 2010, Eddie Two Hawks said…
Happy full moon weekend.

At 2:42pm on March 25, 2010, Eddie Two Hawks said…
Enjoy your day...

At 8:47pm on March 24, 2010, Eddie Two Hawks gave Yves Gagné a gift
At 12:48pm on March 24, 2010, Eddie Two Hawks said…
Thanks for the is kind of you to share your world

At 4:26pm on March 23, 2010, Eva Libre gave Yves Gagné a gift
At 4:23pm on March 23, 2010, Eva Libre said…
Bonsoir Yves,

I have to correct something. I have read the entry from Graphan how to get to their group. That is not correct. The correct and simple way is shown on top of your page. There you have everything you need. Groups, blogs, discussions, videos, photos....;
You just need to click on what you want. This will open a new page with the product what you are looking for. When you click on groups that will open a page with all our groups. Now you can choose which groups you are interested. You click on the group picture and the group will open for you. If you want to write your review, you must register yourself in the group as a member. If the group does not like you, you can also leave it again. The explanations are always on the top right of the group page.

In Love,
At 3:11pm on March 23, 2010, Eva Libre said…

Blessings and Bliss...


At 7:39am on March 22, 2010, Yves Gagné said…
About your photo Eva, y dont wont to copy them exactly like the are nececerely. But a lot are relay given me ( inspiration ) to do painting and drawing. And yes you can be sure y am gone he give you a credit for it and y am gone a send you a copy or a photo of it everay time.
At 1:05pm on March 18, 2010, Eva Libre said…
I would not really. These are my personal photos, and they mean a lot to me. I hope you can accept that.
But when I see your beautiful art, I'm very curious what you would make of my photos. Would you give me then the transformation copies?

Je te souhaite un très beau début de printemps,
At 4:05am on March 18, 2010, Eva Libre said…


Welcome to „Peace for the Soul“ Yves!

Sunshine is a welcome thing. It brings a lot of brightness.
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Please feel free to explore and enjoy our website.

Your ideas and contributions will be welcomed.




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