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At 11:39pm on April 20, 2019, Carmen Elsa Irarragorri-Wyland said…

Happy Easter, Lester!

At 8:49pm on January 1, 2019, Eva Libre said…

Happy New Year dear friend !

At 5:00pm on March 3, 2018, Luna Arjuna said…

Voila! A new friend is coming. Thank you for your friendship, Lester!

Comanche Women 1900

At 2:58pm on September 13, 2016, Eva Libre gave Lester Unega Waya a gift
May you have a beautiful day, happy birthday !
At 12:41am on September 13, 2015, Luna Arjuna said…

♦ At the centre of your being you have the answer;

you know who you are and you know what you want.♦


May your 'here & now' be full of all that which you desire and seek...

and may 'peace & wonder' be your constant companion.

Happy Birthday Lester Unega Waya! :)

At 1:07pm on June 16, 2015, bridget orman said…

At 9:20pm on September 13, 2014, Anagob 1 said…

At 7:06am on January 25, 2014, Luna Arjuna said…

Thank you very much for the Birthday wishes. Have a great 2014!

At 10:32pm on September 12, 2013, Eva Libre said…

May you be gifted with life's biggest joys and never-ending bliss. After all, you yourself are a gift to earth, so you deserve the best.

Wishing you a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Lester !

At 6:23pm on September 10, 2013, Eva Libre said…

Our beautiful mother earth ...

At 8:21pm on September 9, 2013, Ronald P. Juliano Sr said…

Thank you for the invite Lester.

At 12:35pm on September 8, 2013, Ji Wong said…

Dear Lester Unega Waya,

Nice to know you and, thank you for your blessing.

Hope you all be fine,

Best regards,


At 5:48pm on September 6, 2013, Eva Libre said…

Wonderful, profound poem by Narinder .... :) Have a nice weekend dear Lester Unega ! ♥ !

At 2:42pm on November 21, 2012, narinder bhandari said…

Thank you  Lester Unega Waya

                                                In Life's  stream,

Much water has flowed.

Birthdays have come , and birthdays gone

Anniversaries have come and anniversaries have gone

Celebrations have danced and merry-makings have gone.


The tension of Memory

The stress of expectation

Somehow did become

The search for Today.



The searching mind

Tired of searching,

For a moment stops,

For a moment rests,

Yesterday is no more, no more the morrow,

And, all becomes clear !

A new awareness dawns,

Awareness of the Now,

Awareness of the dead yesterday,

Awareness of the unborn tomorrow.

Dead yesterday , unborn tomorrow ,

Ever present in the NOW.


Ah !

Today at last has come

This moment Now,

It contains all my past

And, aeons of future.





Awareness of the unchanging Now,

Ever and ever, the only Now,

The deathless Now

The Eternal Now.


                                          And in this awareness ,

This Moment  Now,

I celebrate my Birthday.



My Birthday is Now

And Now again,

Is my Birth,

I, Who am deathless, Never born .


At 6:20pm on September 13, 2012, Eva Libre said…

At 6:15pm on September 13, 2012, Eva Libre said…

wish you a beautiful and happy day, Lester. may happiness and fulfilment be always be a part of your life.

Happy Birthday !

At 9:57am on September 7, 2012, bridget orman said…


At 10:44am on August 7, 2012, bridget orman said…


At 5:36pm on December 7, 2011, Nada Jung said…


beautiful music ... calming ...


At 9:03pm on September 13, 2011, Eva Libre said…


My best wishes to you for your birthday Lester Unega !

May you have a beautiful and happy day !





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